Just to let you know, I created a permanent page (as opposed to a blog article) called “PDO Powered“. You’ll find it in the left sidebar of the blog – right below the link to my  “About” page.

A few posts back when I wrote about a blog upgrade where I finally fixed my database tables and my performance issues, someone asked me if it were possible  that I create a pre-configured empty blog using SQLite. The reason being that it is no longer possible to configure a SQLite backend if you start off with the most recent version of WordPress.

The instruction set on my new page is meant to show you how to do that yourself. I also added a link to a tarball containing such a pre-configured blog so that you can use that too as a bootstrap for your own portable blog.

If you used my instructions or the tarball, it would be nice if you add a link to your blog in the comments section of the “PDO Powered” page (I will check for SPAM attempts!). Perhaps if enough independent blogs show up using SQLite, the WordPress developers will reconsider their point of view (they do not care for other database backends except MySQL).