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VLC 2.0.2

Another (bugfix) release of the VLC media player is ready. The time between this release and the previous 2.0.1 was longer than usual, due to a recent fall-out between several of the core developers. For a while, it looked like the VideoLAN project’s existence was doomed when their most important Linux developer quit the team out of frustration. However he re-joined, and the dust has settled again.

The VideoLAN web site still does not have an official blurb about the 2.0.2 release, two days after making it available, so I decided to mention it on my blog without waiting any further.

For this vlc-2.0.2 package, I also updated several of the internal libraries (ffmpeg, x264, lame, bluray and upnp). Note that the BluRay support in VLC (at least in my package) works only for unencrypted disks. Unencrypted BluRay disks are pretty rare birds. Playback of encrypted BluRay DVD’s requires that you also install my libaacs package: or and find yourself a set of AACS decryption keys (see these comments for some hints on that).

This is where you’ll find the new VLC packages:

Rsync acccess is offered by the mirror server: rsync:// .

My usual warning about patents: versions that can not only DEcode but also ENcode mp3 and aac audio can be found in my alternative repository where I keep the packages containing code that might violate stupid US software patents.

Have fun! Eric

Note 01-jul-2012: The release notes for vlc-2.0.2 have been published on the VideoLAN web site.


  1. Ken

    Eric, Any chance that you will be updating the mplayer packages to the latest 1.1 version?

  2. greg

    I’ve made these scripts for a Slackware64-13.0, I’ve got no idea if they will be running fine on later releases. The script in the MPlayer directory may suit your needs. Adjust the ARCH variable for your cpu and pray…

  3. escaflown

    Thanks Eric!

  4. Mike Langdon (mlangdn)

    Well – now I’m gonna have to go and buy me a blueray player. My wife is going to hurt me yet. 🙂

  5. Wild Wizard

    Just tested the bluray part out and finally got it to work

    Under KDE :-
    If anyone else if having trouble with it not seeing the disc try opening it in Dolphin first then start playback, seems to be a permissions problem or it doesn’t know how to work with udev/plugdev at all

  6. Jero

    Eric, does your VLC package support VDPAU ?

  7. alienbob

    Hi Jero

    If you install my libva, vdpau-video and libvdpau packages, then my VLC package will use hardware accelerated video playback for all supported video formats.

    See where I documented this earlier.


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