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I am Eric Hameleers, and this is where I think out loud.
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I acquired the domain. More precisely, the domain was given to me – for free – by its previous owner whose name I will not divulge unless he gives me permission to do so (someone sympathetic to Slackware but no longer using Slackware himself). Thanks! So, I setup some server configurations using for […]

Transitioning to a new GPG key

  I have generated a new GPG key to replace my old one which was based on a 1024-bit DSA primary key. The new primary key is 4096-bit RSA. I will be transitioning away from my old one. The old key will continue to be valid, but i prefer all future correspondence to use the new key. I […]

Ten years of

 This week marks the tenth anniversary of Many of us will remember the time when a true Slacker did not bother herself with build scripts. The “configure && make && make install” mantra was at the forefront of everyone’s mind when it came to installing new software. Slackware made this possible. Unlike the other […]

Using SQLite for this blog

Just to let you know, I created a permanent page (as opposed to a blog article) called “PDO Powered“. You’ll find it in the left sidebar of the blog – right below the link to my  “About” page. A few posts back when I wrote about a blog upgrade where I finally fixed my database […]

Musings on Software Development With Linux

A few weeks back Laurent Parenteau asked me to contribute a post to his series “Meet the Linux family” on the blog “Software Development with Linux“. Well here it is: . Nothing spectacular, but just enough controversy (I hope… I wrote “Steve Balmer” and “Eric Raymond” on the same page) to make it interesting […]