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I acquired the domain. More precisely, the domain was given to me – for free – by its previous owner whose name I will not divulge unless he gives me permission to do so (someone sympathetic to Slackware but no longer using Slackware himself). Thanks!

So, I setup some server configurations using for stuff I am hosting under (mostly)

Note: you may want to add the CACert root certificate to your machine to get rid of warnings that the SSL certificate of is not trusted.


  1. Lysender

    SSL error on

  2. alienbob

    Lysender, I have now added a note to the main article. Install the CACert root certificate.

  3. P431i7o

    Hi Eric, have you considered using the let’s encrypt certificate?

  4. alienbob

    P431i7o if you follow the link in the main article you’ll get your answer.

  5. Eduardo


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