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Reset The Net – 05 june 2014


Did I make you jump by showing the intrusive banner?

Today marks the start of a campaign, called Reset the Net, sponsored by digital rights groups and well-known Internet companies. It is meant to encourage both users of the Internet and companies with an active presence there, to take measures to prevent getting their data snooped by surveillance agencies. The campaign focuses on the promotion of privacy-enhancing tools.

Today’s launch of the campaign is not coïncidentally linked to the first anniversary of the publication of the leaked NSA documents through news articles online and on paper.

Last month saw the HeartBleed bug, today we are confronted with yet another bloody serious leak in OpenSSL., only a few days after the disclosiure of another serious leak in GnuTLS, the OpenSSL alternative. The Internet is never a safe place. Slackware is a fairly sane OS security-wise but the highest risk always comes from the user of that OS.

When you are on-line, act consciously, and think before you do. Guard your privacy and respect that of others. No, Edward Snowden is not a traitor. He sacrificed a lot in order to get the truth out there, and we should have respect for that, too.



  1. Ellendhel

    Thanks for the news about “Reset the Net” and about OpenSSL (that one keeps sys/net admins busy this year!).

    And people shoud have more respect for E. Snowden, indeed.

  2. C. Wizard

    A blindfold and a last cigarette is only “respect” that should be shown snowden.

  3. cwizardone

    “…Some of the documents turned over by Snowden provided precise details on how the U.S. tracks an Al Qaeda operative.

    According to the Times, some officials argue that ISIS operatives reading the series of Snowden documents and news stories know what types of communication to avoid or how to make them more secure…”

  4. hoki

    @cwizardone – Then your country shouldn’t have sposnored the aforementioned selfproclaimed country in the first place.

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