Only 24 hours in a day


During the Easter weekend, I have been working on almost 150 SlackBuild script updates for my ARM hardfloat port. That costs time… and with several setbacks like creating a new gcc-4.8.0 compiler package which then refuses to compile anything else; a new glibc-2.17 package which causes segfaults of every binary after installation (an exclusive ARM hardfloat issue apparently); the creation of a new llvm package which was needed for icu4c to compile on an ARM platform took NINE hours to complete, so I had to setup distcc and a new cross-compiler on my AMD Phenom build server to distribute the load… and then it was Easter too!

So, I am a bit behind on other stuff I wanted to do. The new KDE 4.10.2 is around the corner and I am going to provide Slackware 14 packages (Pat will hopefully update the KDE in slackware-curent at the same time). There is also the new LibreOffice 4.0.2 which I want to make available for Slackware 14. Even LibreOffice 3.6.6 was released in the rock-stable old 3.6 branch (for which I am going to create Slackware 13.37 packages). KDE just started compiling here, and that will take most of tomorrow to finish (the 32-bit packages will be created while I am away for work). That means, don’t expect LibreOffice packages before friday.

But what I really want is some more sun, higher day temperatures and an end to this horribly cold and hard East-wind!


3 thoughts on “Only 24 hours in a day

  1. Thank you very much everything that you doing.
    Where you are working? (just interesting) and have you free time for your family besides creating packages ?

    Sorry for my bad English

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