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KDE 4.10.2 for Slackware 14

While I am working hard on ARM packages with the goal of being able to start X.Org on the ChromeBook, the KDE developers keep strictly to their release schedule. So I had to make some time to create Slackware packages  for the fresh KDE Software Compilation 4.10.2. Released yesterday, this iteration brings “bugfixes and translation updates” and no new functionality. If you want to know more about the fixed bugs, check out the KDE bugtracker for the KDE 4.10.2 fix set.

I expect that KDE 4.10.2 will be added to Slackware-current very soon, so after a chat with Patrick I decided to stay on the path I had started on, and bring you this KDE update as a set of Slackware 14 packages.I used the KDE.SlackBuild framework of slackware-current because Pat enhanced the script somewhat after the previous release… if you are running Slackware-current it is better that you wait for the official packages.

How to upgrade to KDE 4.10.2?

You will find all the installation/upgrade instructions that you need in the accompanying README file. That README also contains basic information for KDE recompilation using the provided SlackBuild script. Please note that if you are not yet running one of my KDE builds, you should upgrade from a (preferably) full installation of Slackware 14. I had some feedback from Slackware users who installed Slackware 14, excluded the whole “KDE” package series from that installation, and then installed my KDE packages on top.  That way, you will be missing a lot of packages, several of them essential to the proper functioning of KDE! If you skipped the whole KDE series and install my KDE packages, you still need to get these from a Slackware 14 package tree (the essentials are highlighted):



You are strongly advised to read and follow these installation/upgrade instructions!

Download locations (using a mirror is preferred because you get more bandwidth from a mirror and it’s friendlier to the owners of the master server):

Have fun! Eric


  1. tdmsilvino

    Tks Eric.

  2. Niki Kovacs

    Hey Eric,

    The README file only contains the following information: “Please visit



  3. alienbob

    Hi Niki,

    Oops… I fixed the URL!


  4. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

    Another typo: mirrir -> mirror

  5. John B

    Patrick updated KDE in slack-current to 4.10.2 today.

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