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Updates for Chromium (-ungoogled also), LibreOffice, Java

Around the last weekend I worked on several package updates. In the meantime I had to battle home infrastructure breakdown, as well as the realization that I had inadvertantly opened up my SMTP server as an open relay and had to do some fast infrastructure redesign πŸ™


Chromium, regular and ungoogled.

There was a new release at the end of last week. The Chromium 107.0.5304.121 release fixes a security issue for which an exploit already exists in the wild (CVE-2022-4135).
I provide packages for this release both for chromium and chromium-ungoogled. Target OS releases are Slackware 14.2 and higher (32bit and 64bit).


The latest release of LibreOffice ‘fresh’ is 7.4.3. This is an incremental bugfix release.
I provide packages for this release, targeting Slackware 15.0 and newer.
Note that my libreoffice package depends on openjdk11 (see below). If you are running slackware-current instead of 15.0, you will additionally need boost-compat and icu4c-compat packages to provide the libraries that are no longer present in -current.


Oracle released its quarterly update to the Java source code release affecting both JDK 8 and JDK 11.
Andrew Hughes provides an updated icedtea release to be able to compile OpenJDK 8 update 352 build 08. My openjdk package targets Slackware 14.2 and newer.
And for the OpenJDK 11.0.17_8 (aka the 11.0.17 General Availability release) update I provide an openjdk11 package which targets Slackware 15.0 and newer.

Have fun!



  1. Konrad J Hambrick

    Thank you Eric !
    Posting from chromium-ungoogled-107.0.5304.110-x86_64-1alien .
    upgraded openjdk11-11.0.16_8-x86_64-1alien and I Installed libreoffice-7.4.3-x86_64-1alien last weekemd.
    All are working without any issues on my Slackware64 15.0 + Multilib LapTop.
    — kjh

  2. Francisco

    Thanks Eric!

  3. David Hunt

    Thanks for the update, and the valuable work. I’m mostly firefoxing at the moment, but your chromium updates have been valuable to me in the past, and may yet be again.
    Sorry to hear about your slip up with the SMTP server; though I must admit to slight schadenfreude, when a guy I respect and admire turns out to be slightly human! I’ve run a mail and web server on linux since about 2004, so I know it’s easy to forget something.

    • alienbob

      Only slightly human of course.
      I went on a Sendmail administration course in 1994 I think and have been managing Sendmail servers for the companies I worked for, clients and at home ever since. Even on new installs, I get the sendmail package out of ./extra and forego postfix.
      My setup is dual sendmail (rx and tx) with amavisd-new in the middle and some virusscanners plugged in there.
      Since this weekend also with client- and rate-control.

  4. DLCBurggraaff

    Eric: For years already I run your LibreOffice packages (Start Center, Calc, Draw, Impress and Writer) without Java. No Java whatsoever is even installed.
    As I never had any issues that might be related to the missing Java I think your “depends on OpenJDK11” is somewhat pessimistic.
    Regards, Dick

    • alienbob

      Good for you πŸ™‚

  5. DLCBurggraaff


  6. Marco

    Hee Eric,
    Thanks for the Chromium 108 update. Just wanna let you know there’s already a new version because of a known exploit, 108.0.5359.94.
    Maybe you can spare yourself the trouble of building Chromium-ungoogled and wait for the new version!
    Cheers, Marco

    • alienbob

      Unfortunately releasing right before the weekend is bad timing on behalf of Google. I have other things to do. But thanks for the heads-up anyway, I had not noticed the new release myself.

  7. eduardo

    chromium don’t load after the last update:

    /usr/lib64/chromium/chromium: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/chromium/chromium: undefined symbol: gbm_bo_get_modifier

    ( slackware64 14.2 )

    • alienbob

      Eduardo, what can I say. Works here.

      • eduardo

        No problem at all.
        It has helped me as a push to finally decide to change to slackware 15 (installed months ago… )
        Thanks for all.

    • Petri Kaukasoina

      I confirm this. The latest 108.0. versions give that gbm_bo_get_modifier error here on slackware64-14.2, but 107.0.5304.121 loads ok. 108.0. versions work fine on 15.0.
      ‘strings /usr/lib64/|grep gbm_bo_get’ gives a lot less output on 14.2 (mesa-11.2.2-x86_64-1) compared to 15.0 (mesa-22.2.4-x86_64-1), for example gbm_bo_get_modifier is missing. Anyone who can run chromium-108.0.5359.94-x86_64-1alien on 14.2, do you have mesa-11.2.2-x86_64-1 ?

      • Petri Kaukasoina

        A small correction to my post. It’s mesa-21.3.5-x86_64-2 on 15.0. (mesa-22.2.4-x86_64-1 is on -current.) But anyway, from mesa-11.2.2-x86_64-1 of 14.2 does not offer symbol gbm_bo_get_modifier.

  8. TheTKS

    LibreOffice, OpenJDK11 and Chromium-ungoogled all working well on this Slackware64 15.0. Thanks again, Eric.


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