Updated multilib packages for -current

The recent update of packages in slackware-current demanded a similar update in the set of “compat32” packages for those who are running a 64bit Slackware multilib computer.
On request, I have added two new packages: libaio-compat32 and lzo-compat32. Both packages cover a missing dependency, one for mariadb and the other for cairo. The massconvert32.sh script will now also create or update these two new packages.

Remember, if you want to check (without actually creating anything) if the massconvert32.sh script will update any of your compat32 packages or add new ones, just run the script as follows in the directory where you already have your “a-compat32”, “ap-compat32”, …, “xap-compat32” subdirectories (this example uses a local mirror of 32-bit Slackware-current):

# massconvert32.sh -n -q -i /local/path/to/mirror/of/slackware-current/slackware/

The output could be something like this:

libaio: new package will be converted
lzo: new package will be converted

Official download locations:

Have fun! Eric

6 thoughts on “Updated multilib packages for -current

  1. The new qt-5.5.1 seems to be the same as in KDE 5_15.11.
    I had installed it already, but I am still with KDE4.
    But /usr/lib64/libQt5WaylandClient.so.5.5.1 misses the libwayland libraries. I have seen no consequences of this. All my Qt5 applications run well.

  2. There is a qt-5.5.1 package for Slackware 14.1 and for -current in my regular repository for people who are not using my ‘ktown’ packages. Qt5 is a dependency for several non-KDE applications – like calibre.
    There is also a qt-5.5.1 package in ‘ktown’. Of course you only need to install one of them. And if you do not have wayland installed, then there’s one Qt5 library – which you will not need – that has a missing dependency. No need to get nervous.

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