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(Hopefully) final recompilations for KDE 5_15.11

plasma5_startup There was still some work to do about my Plasma 5 package repository. The recent updates in slackware-current broke several packages that were still linking to older (and no longer present) libraries which were part of the icu4c and udev packages.

So finally I had the time to cure this situation. I rebuilt kdelibs, kde-workspace and all the telepathy dependencies, updated all the KDE Telepathy packages, and also compiled a git snapshot for the kio-mtp package after some people complained about the Unicode character in its ‘slack-desc’ file which caused breakage in pkgtools.

Hopefully, everything works again this time. Even Telepathy. Tell me your experiences with Amarok and the Plasmashell which were crashing for some people. And especially Plasmashell crashing leaves you with no desktop at all.

Have fun! Eric


  1. _metic

    I have applied the recent updates and can confirm telepathy icon is present, ‘Online Accounts’ opens with out error.

    GUI fragmentation/flickering is no longer present for me.

    Thank you.

  2. alienbob


  3. schu

    Thank you!

  4. Arief JR

    I can’t change default image viewer to gwenview, this image(jpeg,png other) always open with GIMP. i change default image viewer to gwenview with properties on dolphin always back to gimp as well as on system settings. Should i rebuilt some of it’s libraries?


  5. Arief JR

    This problem solved

  6. Gustavo

    Yep, I tested too, I didn’t found any problem until now.

  7. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric!

  8. Eduardo

    I can confirm telepathy is here and working again. Thanks!!

  9. Drakeo

    I was wondering in order for me to build and use Kdenlive 15.12 I have to uninstall qt-4.8.7 or when it starts it loads qt4gui and segfaults. You think in the future qt4 we need for kmix can be moved to /opt/kde4 and then LD_LIBRARY_PATH for those that need the qt4 libraries.
    Keep up the great work

  10. alienbob

    Drakeo – if you compiled KDEnlive and it tries to link against Qt4 then something is wrong in your build script. There should not be any reason for Qt4 to be moved to /opt .

  11. Drakeo

    I agree with you it is a kdenlive problem it seems it uses a ldd type of start up . you get no trace back . but the kernel message was something error and crash.
    but if you do a ldd /usr/bin/kdenlive it is not linked to it. this blew me away this tells me they are preloading /usr/lib64 in a start up.
    Eric I been working on this for a while now.
    rebuilt qt4 in /opt/qt4 set my and my profile.d/ and set the profile.d/
    sorry I had no choice. You can say what you like sure. But this happens. Over and over. take a stock current -kde5 and build kdenlive you will reproduce this from 15.03 up 15.12.
    as for simple screen recorder building on our qt5 I am working on that issue. The latest qt5 seems to cause issues when building.
    right now I am happy I have a stable rebuilt kmix that playback streams. and events actually works. built from the github. simplescreen recorder does great pulse audio and jack2 and qjackctl.
    Last but not least all in multi-Lib. pat your self on the back I am loving the new tools.
    One problem with your build. Not clearing document out of kmenu. no option for it.
    Thanks keep up the great work.

  12. Jon Stockill

    The binaries in /usr/lib64/qt5/bin from qt5-5.5.1-x86_64-1alien appear to be linked against, and it looks like your latest build of that is icu4c-56.1-x86_64-1. Am I looking in the wrong place or does the package need a rebuild?

  13. Gérard Monpontet

    No, i have tested here, and qt5.5.5.1 don’t depend on old icu4c package.

    Maybe you have an old package installed on your system whose QT5 depends, and who is compiled on the old icu4c package

  14. alienbob

    Jon – you installed the qt5-5.5.1 package from my Slackware64-14.1 repository. That one is not compatible with Slackware64-current.

  15. Jon Stockill

    Doh! That’ll teach me to upgrade machines and not check package source urls. Thanks.

  16. Drakeo

    The kdenlive issue is a code problem. It is pulling in
    during startup. As long as is part of the path and pkg-config during build time kdenlive will look for it try to load it. It conflicts qt5 and creates the segfault.
    It is not actually linking to it. the start up pulls it in.
    here is the kicker no where in linking is it actually linking to
    any way I really am loving the latest kde5 🙂

  17. alienbob

    Drakeo, can you check if you have configured kdenlive to use libvlc?
    According to there will be a clash between your Qt5 based kdenlive and Qt4 based libvlc. Should be fixable by forcibly refreshing the VLC plugins cache by running vlc-cache-gen.
    My VLC package does this:

    cd /usr/lib64/vlc
    find . -name "plugins*.dat" -exec rm -f {} \;
    echo "Generating VLC plugins cache data..."
    DISPLAY="" ./vlc-cache-gen -f .

  18. Tonus

    Hi Eric,

    I think I’ve got things a bit messed up :
    Since the battery icon wasn’t showing up in the tray(a bit annoying for a laptop), I tried to compile upower. Installing it didn’t solve anything (seems that v0.99 doesn’t work with pm-utils) and reverted to v0.9.23.
    Now battery icon is hidden but present (changing to show or auto doesn’t work, only “show all” toggle has effect…) but I ‘ve lost hability to suspend (works from cli).
    Reverting to official package of upower didn’t solve anything.

    Could you please show me the right way to fix? I’m wondering what package to reinstall or whatever to do…

  19. MiRacLe

    @Tonus – only one \”serious\” problem with battery status – horizontal orientation (previous vertical version IMHO looked better).

  20. alienbob

    Tonus, the battery applet just works on my laptop.

    • Tonus

      Seems like I messed it up while trying to upgrade upower. Got to investigate if some configuration file has not been restored…
      And hope it will restore kde’s suspend capability.

      • Tonus

        Did I forgot to reboot once more?
        Suspend is back now, sorry for the noise…
        For battery icon, still the problem so added a new one that works.
        Sorry for the noise.

        BTW the telepathy connection problem for Google accounts seems almost added to upstream :

  21. John Yost

    qt-gstreamer no longer builds, several fatal errors, the first one is the slackbuild cannot find the include file
    I tried a soft link to it but it still fails

  22. alienbob

    John, try this patch:

    I ran into the same issue when I had to recompile telepathy-qt5. The new gstreamer-1.0 has split its header files into two separate directories and programs using pkg-config to determine the correct CFLAGS will not have any issues.

  23. Gérard Monpontet

    phonon-gstreamer need this path, also 😉

  24. Gérard Monpontet

    And omit 😉

    phonon need also this patch:

  25. John Yost

    Your patch worked for qt-gstreamer
    Applied your two patchs and they also worked
    Thanks much to you both
    I have now made it thru the deps and have started on the kde directory
    Thanks Again

  26. John Yost

    Unknown Cmake command “check_include_files” in applications:kuser and also in the following application.
    I hate to be a bother, but I’ve been trying to follow your slackbuild for several days.
    Can’t seem to figure this one out.

  27. alienbob

    You want to rebuild the packages instead of using the ones I provided… you have to figure out the cause of your own issues.
    I do not know your local setup so all I can tell you is “works for me”.

  28. John Yost

    My local setup is a fresh install of current and a fresh rsync of alien-kde/source.
    I know your are a very busy man, but I like to trouble shoot and this is a tough one.
    Thanks for all you do for Slackware

  29. Gérard Monpontet

    Eric, maybe it’s good idea to update json-glib in deps, because for gnome-3.18, the good version is:

    just suggestion 😉

  30. John Yost

    Greetings Eric
    The CMakeError log for both “kuser” and “kdeartwork” show the error as:
    “Determining if the Q_WS_WIN exists failed with the following output”
    I found the following with a google search:
    “Q_WS_WIN has been removed in Qt 5 so use Q_OS_WIN instead which exists in both Qt 4 and Qt 5 where appropriate.”
    There are several flavors of Q_WS_xxx in the CMake file which need to be replaced with Q_OS_xxx. However I don’t know how to incorporate it into the SlackBuild. At this point I guess I have to accept failure.
    Again Thank You for all you do for Slackware. I am just replying to my own post in the hope it will help another Slacker who is having similar problems.

  31. alienbob

    John, I will find out soon enough when I start work on the next series of KDE 5 packages later this month… be sure that I will find a solution.

  32. Tonus

    Just noticed I have no more preview in Dolphin for pdf/postscriptfiles (and no option for it to show).

    Since the right thumbnailer package is installed, I was wondering if it was me or something more largely experimented…

  33. Gérard Monpontet

    Ok, thanks Eric, now json-glib is the same
    version that for gnome-3.18 and derivated.

    other suggestion 😉

    PyQt-5.5.1 and OpenAl-1.17.1.

  34. Gérard Monpontet

    i have forgotten ‘lmdb-0.9.17’

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