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Steam for Linux Beta opens to everyone


The Steam for Linux beta program has just opened its doors to the general public.

When I looked, there were 48 games in the Steam catalogue, paid-for ans well as free-to-play. Part of opening up the Steam for Linux beta is moving their bug tracker to Github, which allows for a better interface than the old bugtracker which was used during the closed-beta phase.

Here is the official announcement:

An Early Holiday Gift!
added by Frank @ 01:13AM on December 20, 2012

The Steam for Linux beta program is now open to the public! In order to participate in the beta, you must download the latest Steam Linux client (found here) or upgrade your existing Steam for Linux client to the latest version. In addition, we will now track Steam for Linux client bugs using GitHub. This provides a better interface for tracking bugs than the forums used in the closed beta. The Steam for Linux repository (currently empty) is public, allowing anyone with a free GitHub account to create a new issue and edit or track it and search the existing bug database. The repository contains a readme file ( detailing how to create a new issue (it describes the same format used in the closed beta). The team will continue working through existing issues in the forum but it is strongly recommended that any new issues be entered using GitHub’s issue tracking interface. The sub forums will remain open so that people can join/continue existing discussions about the Steam for Linux client. And last but not least, we now have a steam installer package repository. There is a mailing list for announcing updates to the steam installer package. To subscribe, use the public mailman page located here: Here’s the change list for this release:

  • The Steam for Linux client closed beta transitioned to an open beta.
  • Linux – Fixed excessive CPU usage by the Steam client when running Team Fortress 2
  • Linux – Fixed overlay crash when starting Cubemen
  • Big Picture – Improved back navigation behavior throughout user interface
  • Big Picture – Added discount timers and other user interface to store

Remember, my Steam Client package for Slackware can be found here: . I will have to look into the new installer repository to see if I have to update the download link for my own package but that may have to wait until the weekend.

This thread is still being used for discussions and bug reporting.

Cheers, Eric


  1. Mike Langdon (mlangdn)

    Daggone – my next day off isn’t until Christmas. So it will be the day after before I can give this a whirl.

  2. Wild Wizard

    NB You do have to update before it will log in with out the previous workarounds

    So do the usual “steam steam://store” and then select client updates from the steam menu and let that install and it should then work from then on.

  3. Drache

    Thank you for this. I was a bit over half way done converting .deb to .tgz and sorting out deps when I came across your post. Back to work for now then. I will try this out tonight. Thanks again for your hard work. Keep on slack’n. 🙂

  4. ArTourter

    Alienbob, Thanks for this, it has been working great. However I am now getting an X warning window every time I start steam saying:
    Your steam package is out of date. Please get an updated version from your package provider or directly from for supported distributions.
    Press enter to continue:
    Upgrading the client with the auto upgrade did not get rid of the message.

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