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Down with COVID

I somehow avoided getting infected with COVID for all these past four years, but this week unexpectedly it hit me after all – and that while being inoculated multiple times. Oh well, they say that the inoculations keep the more severe symptoms at bay.
Still, this feels like a very bad flu, I have been in bed for two days, feeling delirious in the beginning but just nauseous and dizzy now, accompanied by the father of all headaches.
I have no energy left in me,  meaning package updates may be delayed. Pay supplied me with the sources for the to-be updated glibc package in Slackware, so that the computer can do all the compiling when I return to bed. That will be about all.

Stay healthy! Eric


  1. Eduardo

    Eric, I hope you get well and soon.
    I got hit in early 2022 after two inoculations of the vaccines and thankfully, other than extreme tiredness for some days, that was it.
    Stay safe, drink plenty of liquid and rest all you can.

  2. Didier Spaier

    Updates can wait, take care of yourself Eric.

    I wish you a prompt recovery.


  3. LoneStar

    Take care of yourself Eric!
    Other stuff can wait.

  4. Lioh

    Get well soon!

  5. J_W (Shinichi Abe)

    Hi, Eric
    I am sorry to hear that you have been infected with COVID.
    Last year, my little sister, who is a nurse, was infected with COVID and was in bed for more than a week, but she has since recovered and is now doing well.
    Please take your time and try to recover.
    I believe that you will make a full recovery and make a comeback.

    It’s been a while since you left the LQorg forums, but I hope you’ll come back someday.
    Thank you for your continued support of Slackware.


  6. Steve

    Get well soon Eric. Indeed, that is the priority above all else!

  7. Achilles

    Get well soon Eric

  8. gegechris99

    Hi Eric,

    I wish you a prompt recovery.

    Packages can wait.

    Health First.

  9. Richard Herbert

    Hey, Eric. Sorry to hear you caught it. Been there, done that… twice. The lingering fatigue was what bothered me the most. Wishing you all the best for a swift recovery!

  10. Dave Hunt

    Get well soon Eric. Slackware is stable enough to take care of itself for a while.

  11. Jen

    Get well soon! It was the first time for us, too, around New Year’s. It was a good 3 days of suck, followed by a shitty head cold for a week. No clue how we got it, because we really don’t go out all that much, either. Did they give you Paxlovid? I’ve heard the cure is worse than the disease, in that case.

  12. George Nielsen

    Get well soon, Eric! I’m happy to hear that you received inoculations! The infection will not be as severe. I caught COVID in 2022 and it does suck!
    Take care, mate 🙂
    George Nielsen (AKA hitest)

  13. Brian Lawrence

    Get well first, and then do any package updating. We can wait.

  14. Michael Langdon

    Get well soon!

  15. Francisco

    Hi Eric!

    Thanks for sharing this and get well soon!. I hope you recover without any dangerous effect on your health. I know how you feel… as I walked the same path… rest, rest and some acetaminophen for the very bad flu… My prayers for your health recovery,


  16. StreamThreader

    Get well soon!

  17. Konrad J Hambrick

    Take care of yourself, Eric

    Rest !

    Get well soon !!

    — kjh

  18. MiRacLe

    Get well soon!

  19. Marco

    Groet, Marco
    P.S. I expect a comment from ShutdownCNN…

    • Shutdown CNN

      Yes I will. My post below!
      T/C — ALL
      We are one and we are fighting the same fight for freedom! Farms are included — !!!!

  20. David

    Thank you for all you do for Slackware users. Take of yourself – that’s what important. Get well soon.

  21. vlad

    Sorry to hear that Eric. I also managed to avoid it somehow for all these years, but finally got it last November. The developments were similar to what you described, the severe symptoms lasted for only couple of days. However, I was too optimistic and was trying to get back to work earlier, so I started spending more time behind the computer too early and that significantly prolonged my recovery. I would have a suggestion: don’t make the same mistake I did, stay away from the computers until you feel it’s completely gone, packages can wait. Wishing you a swift recovery!

  22. Nathaniel Russell

    Get well soon my friend…..

  23. Shutdown CNN

    Eric get well soon! I spent many years piloting aircraft to Amsterdam. I always enjoy my stay in your country!

    I’m a retired airline pilot who retired just before all this C-19 hit the world. Every six months captains and first officers have to pass first class medical to be qualified to fly.

    The vaccine was (EUA) meaning Emergency Use Authorization. Instead it was mandated with many who knew the side effects and dangers you professes to have and along with others.

    My wife and I have friends and relatives who were injured. My uncle developed a turbo-cancer (battler cancer) died within a year.

    One of my wife’s friend developed severe migraine headaches and still has them two years later. (JJ) vaccine single shot.

    Some injuries are hiv, aids, cancers, myocarditis, pericarditis and tinnitus. Others have had strange blood clotting from spike proteins in the vaccine.

    C-19 has a patent on file made by (gain of function) since natural diseases cannot be patent by individuals.

    Our airline of 16,000 plus pilots after getting the vaccine within two weeks had related vaccine injuries, and deaths. Numbers range from 15 to 20 percent of the pilot work force.

    American Airlines had one captain pass out on landing. Life Insurance Companies have noted the increases in deaths and illness. (“40 percent over pre-pandemic levels”)… And others..

    If you donating blood can spread the above illnesses. Big pharma WAS trying cover this up by trying to get 75 year exception from releasing data. (Failed)

    Search For.. The fact it was true!

    “In November 2021, a rumor started circulating on social media that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was attempting to “hide” data related to the COVID-19 vaccine and that they had requested to delay the release of pertinent information until 2076.”

  24. Tom

    Gute Besserung Eric

  25. Aditya

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Eric! ?
    Take care

  26. Michael Mertins

    I’m also down with the flu right now but hopefully not Covid and wish us both a speedy recovery

  27. KG Hammarlund

    My sympathies. Got it a year ago – 24 hrs with high temperature (41 C) which really frightened my wife. After that about a week with ordinary flu symptoms. Hope yours will be easier, with a fairly quick recovery.

  28. Kalaha

    Dear Bob,

    I hope you get well soon.

    Greetings from munich

  29. Murdo Maclachlan

    Get well soon!

  30. Paulo

    Hey Alien, get well soon! I got covid too, I got it in my house during the quarantine.
    A relative came to visit and she was with covid but didn’t know yet. My mother got covid too.
    Yes, it felt like a very bad and strong flu. Maybe it was only an impression, but I could feel the damn thing going down to my lungs.
    For sure what saved us was all the vaccine shots we got, IIRC two or three doses at that time.
    Get well soon Eric.

  31. Ricardo

    Hi Eric,

    I’ve been dodging covid so far (at least I believe so) but I know a few people who got it, even being vaccinated multiple times like you, and I’ve heard it can be a PITA in some cases.

    Hope you get well soon!

  32. Pete Christy

    Don’t feel too bad about it! I’ve managed to catch it twice, despite being jabbed up to the eyeballs. The first time I just had a very bad cough for one night – had to sleep in the spare room to avoid waking my better half (who didn’t catch it)! The second time I caught it off my grand-daughter, who works in a care home, and both my wife and I went down with it. The jabs stopped us getting seriously ill, so they did their job! Just felt a bit flu-ey for a day or two.

    Hope you recover as quickly as we did!

  33. Cesar

    Hi Eric,
    I am sorry to hear that and I hope you get better soon. I got hit after having the vaccines for a while. Got the latest boosters but always remain alert, wear my mask when in unfamiliar and crowded surroundings, etc. The vaccination did help in that the hit from COVID was notthat hard but still it was uncomfortable.
    Get well soon!

  34. gauchao

    Get well, Eric. Take your time to rest. Eat good food and drink plenty of water.

    Hope to hear good news from you soon.

  35. 3DPACTE

    Get well soon!

  36. chrisretusn

    Darn. Pretty good you’ve gone this far an escaped catching it. I’m in the same boat of have not caught it yet. Take care and get well soon.

  37. Antonio - Slackware-BR

    Be well and come back soon!

  38. tim

    Hi Eric, Wishing you a quick recovery. I got it for first time a month or so ago with 7 vaccinations, so apart from high temp one night, and headache was ok after a few days.

  39. toudi

    fyi: stopped updating about two weeks ago

    • alienbob

      Hi toudi, I do not know what you want me to do with that statement? I do not operate that mirror.
      FYI, the official Slackware mirror list in slackpkg is maintained by Robby Workman, just like the mirror list behind . It might be more effective if you contact him instead.

  40. Luís

    Hi Eric,

    You didn’t get covid albeit being ‘inoculated’. You get ill because of those injections and maybe because of what you eat, the radiations (wifi, bluetoogh, etc) you (probably) expose yourself constantly to.
    “Viruses” don’t exist, i.e., just in the propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry and the corrupst governments.
    The truth is out there. But not shown on Google, Youtube all any other mainstream media.

    • alienbob

      Really Luís, do not start that conspiracy crap on my blog or you will be banned from here.

  41. Víctor

    I thought that after four years and as many inoculations I was safe, but I see it can strike anytime. Fortunately, you have not severe symptoms, just a bad flu. Maybe you got both viruses ;-)? Anyway, you can simply slack out of them: just some bedtime, a bit of sweat, and you’ll be back into business in no time. Take good care.

  42. Peter Rempis

    Lieber Eric,

    gute Besserung! Im Bett bleiben und Schonung, Schonung, Schonung!

    Viele Grüße

  43. Slackalaxy

    Get better soon, AlienBob!

    Having the vaccine does not protect you 100%, unfortunately. Also, it depends when you had the last jab.

    • Jen

      It does make it so you’re unlikely to need hospitalization or die from it, like with the OG covid. You still see a lot of high death rates from covid among the unvaccinated in the US. When my partner and I had it, it was a good 2-3 days of yuck followed by a head cold. That’s a big difference from how it was. (I’m pretty sure we had the OG version in February of 2020, which my partner’s father brought back from France…it was a lot longer.)

      • Slackalaxy

        # It does make it so you’re unlikely to need
        # hospitalization or die from it, like with the OG covid.

        you really do not need to explain these things to me 🙂

        • Jen

          OK, sorry! There’s so much disinformation out there.

  44. TheTKS

    Eric, I wish you the best, a quick recovery, and that your family is OK.


  45. Sattva

    Hope you get well soon enough Eric.

    Illness of any kind is not exactly a very pleasant experience. But one puts up.

    IMHO, rest and suitable fluid intake will get you through.


  46. Radical Dreamer

    Take care Eric! I read that vitamin D helps.

    • alienbob

      I’ve been taking a vitamin D pill each day for the past two years already, for an unrelated condition. I couldn’t tell you if it is helping in COVID recovery though.

  47. _peter

    Be well Eric.
    Big headache resumes well the symptoms.
    I was browsing your site to get details on dehydrated & https:// and saw your health notice.
    Be well again.

  48. David

    Hi Eric, stay healthy and I hope you recover well and that your family is also healthy too. Greetings from Germany and take well care! Gute Besserung!

  49. Jim Brewster

    I hope you’re feeling better, Eric!

  50. alienbob

    Update 15-feb-2024: I recovered and went back to work, but I remain at very low energy levels. The result is that evenings are not spent working on Slackware packages and instead I mostly try to recover from the workday when I am not taking care of my old mother.
    These are things on the backburner for now: getting new chromium packages out the door; trying to get libreoffice 24.2 to compile on Slackware 15.0; preparing for KDE Plasma6 release. I keep running into compiler and linker issues with chromium and especially libreoffice and my brain is not sufficiently recovered to untangle the mess.

  51. Sam

    Hi Eric you have my sympathy and thoughts with you, I caught the Indian variant of covid19 and I have never been so ill. I was admitted to hospital as it effected my breathing so much I was barely conscious. When I got home after 4 days it took me 30 mins, to get from my bedroom to the bathroom about 30m I crawled. It took several mounts to recover and I still show some scaring on my lungs which leaves me short of breath if I do to much. I hope you have a speedy recovery, my parents fared a lot better than me as they had all of the jabs and recovered very quickly. As the Dr told me the vaccines don’t stop you catching covid19 they massively reduce the impact of the virus. I truly hope this is the case for you. And yes I’ve now had all my jabs including a booster only a few weeks ago.
    Heart felt wishes to you Sam aka UrbanMusic

  52. shipujin

    Get well soon Eric

  53. Francisco

    Hi Eric.

    You normally are active posting Slackware related useful information for us.

    Some weeks without your notes had worried me. This lines just as a kind follow up to know how your health is going.

    I really hope everything is going ok with your help and recovery process.

    Please let us know how are you today.

    Regards, Francisco

    • alienbob

      I am recovered from COVID after-effects. However for the past months and for some time to come, my priorities lie within my family. I lack time and energy to solve anything non-trivial.
      Thanks for the concern. It is what it is.

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