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Multilib update for slackware-current

Pat Volkerding released new packages for the GCC compiler suite on the day the world would end (21 dec 2012) but yet here we are… on the other side and feeling fine. And of course, urgently in need of multilib versions of that gcc-4.7.2 compiler suite for Slackware-current.

I built them today and they are at their usual download locations:

Remember, multilib configuration is needed if you want to use some binary-only 32-bit software on 64-bit Slackware – think of Valve’s Steam Client, the WINE emulator, Citrix client etc. If you are looking for instructions on how to add or update multilib on your 64-bit Slackware, check out our Slackware Documentation Project which has this information and much more. Perhaps you even care to contribute there by writing an article about a topic you are familiar with (but the rest of us isn’t). That would be an awesome thing to do for Christmas!

Cheers, Eric



  1. Ben

    Hey, the new gcc packages are tagged _alien rather than just alien.

  2. alienbob

    Yeah that was a mistake in the SlackBuild script…. I will fix that now.

    Thanks, Eric

  3. SeB


    Upgrading multilib can also be done with and Furthermore, you can also build Slackware64+multilib tree/iso using mk-slack64-multilib which is available at


  4. Marcelo

    Eric Hameleers: the best friend of a Slacker.
    Thanks for all.

    Manu Chelo

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