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Some package updates for KDE 4.6.5

My KDE 4.6.5 post from a few weeks back had a few comments about a non-working kcalc. Also, the KDE release team updated all the language tarballs for KDE 4.6.5 – after first renewing the broken ‘nl’ sources apparently the other language sources had issues too.

So, I rebuilt all the KDEI packages (the language packs) using the new sources. And I rebuilt the kdeutils package using several patches for kcalc.

Go get them. If you had the aforementioned issues they might be solved by these updated packages.

For instance at or .



  1. gbschenkel

    Hey Eric, do you know if your packages have some issue with xsane? maybe polkit packages, i don’t know, i can’t get permission to use scanner as user, only as root. The device don’t detect using a user account. Cheers and thank for the kde packages !

  2. Hans

    After installing the packages my KDE no longer responds to me closing the lid and when I plug in a USB stick, it fails to mount it (looks similar to previous poster). What did I forget to do?

  3. firekage

    I can’t download packages using rsync. I paste command from readme and than i get:

    @ERROR: Unknown module ‘alien-kde’
    rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1516) [Receiver=3.0.8]

    What’s wrong?

  4. dolphin77

    correct the path to your local folder structure. This should work:

    rsync -avr –delete rsync:// /home/Soft/alien/ktown/4.6.5/

  5. alienbob

    @dolphin77,firekage, this is about the rsync URI “rsync://” no longer working.

    Robby Workman created a new rsync module for me on “rsync://”

    You can now access my ktown stuff through rsync:// and multilib files through rsync://

    Unfortunately he also deleted the original “rsync://” module… which was not supposed to happen. I have asked him to restore that rsync module.


  6. firekage

    Thanks, now it works.

  7. witchlord

    ????- ?????????! ??????? ?? ?????!!! πŸ™‚

  8. witchlord

    ????- ?????????! ??????? ?? ?????!!! ???????? ?????!!! πŸ™‚

  9. pralat

    Thanks, man!
    And now, i’m waiting for kde 4.7 packages ;]

  10. Hans

    What I forgot, maybe this helps somebody:
    1 – in runlevel 3, start the GUI using ‘init 4’, not ‘startx’
    2 – enable AUDIT and AUDITSYSCALLS in the kernelconfig
    Both are needed to get ConsoleKit to work properly.

  11. escaflown

    Hi Eric. Are you going to bless us with KDE SC 4.7 ? πŸ™‚

  12. fogie


    I’m about to install 4.6.5 on my test box and I had one question. The readme mentions that hal is no longer required, does that mean that I must disable hal completely on the system? Thank you.

  13. alienbob

    Hi Fogie

    HAL is no longer used by KDE, it is optional which means the new KDE will use it in addition to udisks/upower.

    HAL does not _have_ to be disabled by you, but you can always try what happens if you do “chmod -x /etc/rc.d/rc.hald” and reboot.
    Other subsystems (like Slackware’s XFCE and probably the other WM’s as well) still depend on HAL.

    If you disable HAL by setting its rc script to non-executable, I would _not_ go as far as to remove the hal package completely.


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