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Back from holiday

I enjoyed two weeks of camping with my family, in Brittany (France).

If you want to know what the view looked like…

From Photostream

Of course there was a lot more to see. We hunt old ruins with our camera! Brittany is full of chapels, monasteries, and the boulders everyone knows from places like Carnac.

When I got back home, the first packages I needed to push out were VLC because 1.1.11 plugs two vulnerabilities, and the new beta of flashplayer 11 because finally Adobe seems to have merged the development of the 64-bit version with the “mainline” 32-bit plugin. They are both essentially the same version now, 11 beta 1 (build date 071311?). The plugin itself reports that it has version

Get the packages for vlc and flashplayer-plugin at the usual location: (the version of vlc without the patent restrictions that can encode mp3 and aac (instead of just being able to decode these formats) to be found as usual at

More packages to come, but that needs more preparation before I can start. I need to build a patched KDE 4.6.5 package for kdeutils, and all of the KDEI source tarballs seem to have been re-generated by the KDE release team while I was on holiday.

Have fun! Eric


  1. toto

    Thank you very much.

    Will there be a 64bits Acrobat plugin for pdfs ?

  2. alienbob

    @toto –

    No idea. I am not interested in a binary blob from Adobe to provide embedded PDF reading in a browser. I use Okular (or xpdf) for reading PDF files.

    Having to use a proprietary/binary flash plugin because so many web sites require it is bad enough – look at how long it took Adobe to get anywhere useful on the 64-bit front! Would we have had source code for a decent flash player, I bet that development speed of a plugin would have been much faster.


  3. escaflown

    Welcome back, Eric!

  4. Me

    To bad the kde integration is so bad.
    My konqueror krashes now.
    Maybe it needs an newer KDE then whats in 13.37
    But the flash player is much better in an mozilla browser now, and my fullscreen flicker (ati) is fixed.

  5. alienbob

    Hi bnguyen

    I would if I still built for Slackware 13.0 ; -)
    But, I will seriously consider it because it does not harm the build on 13.37.


  6. LoneStar

    Welcome back from your vacation, Eric!

  7. Alex

    VLC is always my favourite multimedia player, thanks for this nice update.


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