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Slackware 14.1 RC1


The die-hards rejoice, cynics think “ain’t it dead yet” and hopefully lots of fresh Linux lovers will be attracted by the announcement in the ChangeLog.txt of the availability of Slackware 14.1 RC1 (announcement copied in full):

Mon Oct 14 22:09:17 UTC 2013
And with this batch of updates and fixes (clearing the rest of the
important stuff from the TODO list), we have arrived at Slackware 14.1
release candidate 1! Please test and report any remaining issues.
UEFI (with the exception of Secure Boot, which will have to wait until
we have real hardware) should be fully implemented in the installer now,
which will detect and warn about common problems, set up the EFI System
Partition under /boot/efi, and install ELILO and a UEFI boot entry
automatically. There’s a new README_UEFI.TXT file with detailed
instructions for installing 64-bit Slackware on UEFI (32-bit won’t
support native UEFI due to the mismatch between 64-bit UEFI firmware and
a 32-bit kernel, so Legacy BIOS will be the only way to install 32-bit
Slackware on UEFI). Several useful netfilter and networking utilities
have been added (thanks to Robby Workman and /dev/rob0 for these).
With this batch of updates, everything should be considered frozen
(including the kernel) unless there’s a good reason to change something.
Enjoy! See you all for the release, hopefully soon. 🙂

Although Slackware looks like it is becoming ever more marginalized in the DistroWatch page hit ranking, that site did publish a short news update about our release candidate. Thanks!

The DVD ISO images (32-bit and 64-bit) which I create (automatically) for Slackware-current after every update to the ChangeLog.txt are mentioned too in that Distrowatch news blurb, so there’s hope that more people will download one of those (slightly over 2GB in size) and give Slackware a try. And with support for UEFI there are suddenly a lot more computers where Slackware can be installed.

Personally, I think that Slackware 14.1 is going to be another stellar release. It has been maturing a lot: the development cycle has been longer than ever, mostly due to the fact that Patrick wanted UEFI support to work with minimal fussing. And that is hard to achieve when you do not own UEFI hardware. Advantage of all this maturing is that a lot of sofware has been added to the distro, and many existing packages have been upgraded during the past few weeks.

Enjoy this Release Candidate. I am running it (with my own KDE 4.11.2 packages) and is is super solid – as can be expected.

If you are running Slackware 14.0 (or even 13.37 still) and are considering a move to 14.1 after its release, now is the time to check our article about upgrading your system to a new release on the Slackware Documentation Wiki. Be prepared!

Cheers, Eric


  1. Alan Aversa

    Awesome. ?

  2. ozone89

    what kernel will ship with?
    I had to move to arch because the 3.11 branch fixed a serious issue with the NIC of my motherboard making it recognized but not working

  3. alienbob

    Hi ozone89

    Slackware 14.1 will ship with the 3.10.16 kernel.

    You should not switch to Arch Linux just because of a kernel… it is not that hard to compile a new kernel for Slackware.


  4. Ellendhel

    14.1 rc-1 is running on my laptop here, and so far, I didn’t get any trouble. I may need to install some firmware to have a WiFi connection with an Atheros chipset.

    Thank to the Team! Keep up the good work!

  5. ozone89

    trust me, when it comes to other’s PC, I manage to make perfectly tailored kernels.
    when it comes to mine… just not 😛

  6. Sayth

    Dependent on package changes between RC1 & final would determine the steps needed to upgrade wouldn’t it?

    So if kernel changes I would have to follow the same process as upgrading from 14.0?

  7. hagar

    Hi alienbob,
    I tried the slackware64-current-iso on a uefi enabled system with secure boot disabled.
    In the boot option list the dvd is not shown but enabling CSM I can see it.
    I tried with a Gparted live disk and the dvd boot option is present with uefi enabled.
    Is it normal?

    Thanks for your work on Slackware.

  8. alienbob

    Hi Hagar

    I can not tell much about UEFI, that is Patrick’s turf.
    However I do think I know why your computer would not boot off the DVD image… my ISO creation script had not been updated yet with the UEFI additions for the 64-bit ISO (32-bit Slackware does not support UEFI since that is an exclusively 64-bit affair).

    I have updated the script on and re-created the ISO images. Please try again with a re-downloaded ISO image.


  9. hagar

    Now it works 😀


  10. Ionut Iova

    I’ve had a problem installing the amd-graphic-driver on the rc2 version, I’ve already sent an email to the slackware’s info email-box with the problem, don’t know if it’s an slackware problem or amd

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