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Two rebuilt KDE packages.

kde44For your information:

I had to rebuild two packages for users of my KDE 4.11.2 on Slackware-current.Both are packages that are being used by a lot of people so I did not want to wait for the next release of KDE (scheduled for November 5th).

  1. ark: this package was broken after the update of the ‘libarchive’ package in Slackware-current
  2. calligra: actually I did not have calligra as part of my KDE 4.11.2 set. However it turns out that the new ‘marble’ package of KDE 4.11.2 breaks Calligra Words! Therefore I have added a rebuilt Calligra 2.7.3 to my KDE 4.11.2 set (the same package as you’ll find in Slackware-current… only this time with a working Calligra Words).

Get them from any of my ‘ktown’ mirrors:


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  1. MDK

    Anyone is having issues setting some applications to full screen?

    I used to set xterm to fullscreen and let it on a dedicated monitor, but with this version I can’t anymore (the last version I’ve used this feature that was working right was 4.10.5)

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