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Rebuilt packages for Plasma5 (ktown)

The updates in Slackware-current this week (icu4c, poppler, libical) broke many programs in my Plasma5 ‘ktown’ repository, to the extent that the complete Plasma 5 desktop would no longer start.

That is the fun of using the bleeding edge – if something disruptive happens in slackware-current you’ll have to wait for the 3rd party repositories to catch up. And I am one of those 3rd party packagers.

I have researched the list of packages that needed a recompilation, and in some cases I performed an upgrade at the same time (qt5 went up to 5.9.3, poppler synced to the 0.62.0 in Slackware-current, qtav went up to 1.12.0). The 64bit packages have already been uploaded but if you are running 32bit Slackware-current (why are you doing that?) you’ll have to wait another day because I just started the compilation there.

What has been updated in the ‘ktown’ repository? Here is a list, mostly in order of compilation:


Every package in kdepim? Well yeah, there were many broken packages and it was simply faster to recompile all of kdepim and be done with it.

Users of slackpkg+ will be up & running fast with these updates; the others probably just need to download the individual packages I listed above from a mirror like

When the 32bit package set has been finished The 32bit packages have now been recompiled and uploaded to the repository.

I will also recompile whatever is needed in the ‘testing’ repository (that’s where the Wayland related packages are stored).

Other – not related to Plasma5 – updates/rebuilds are coming soon have finally been uploaded too. Those are LibreOffice, Pale Moon, Calibre; these programs are also affected by the updates in slackware-current but the urgency was lower than with the Plasma5 desktop.


  1. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric! Will download right away!

  2. Richard Herbert

    Thank you, Eric. You’re a god (- send). 🙂

  3. Chris

    Thanks for the quick work, Eric! I’ve upgraded the packages and rebooted, but KDE still won’t start. I even reinstalled the entire ktown repo just in case, but no dice. Is it just that not everything has been uploaded yet, or is there something else I need to do?

  4. Radical Dreamer

    Thank you Eric!

    There is one issue I have come across so far. I use the run command and krunner segfaults:

    Application: krunner (krunner), signal: Segmentation fault
    Using host libthread_db library “/lib64/”.
    [Current thread is 1 (Thread 0x7f7df24e67c0 (LWP 11622))]

  5. Eduardo

    Hi Eric! Now everything runs fine… except Krunner. I have the same issue than Radical Dreamer.

    The trace from Dr.Konqui is here:



  6. Radical Dreamer

    Sorry, one more thing I’ve run into so I am reporting it. All are just minor issues for me.

    kmix: kmix
    Unable to load library icui18n “Cannot load library icui18n: (icui18n: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)”

    kmix –failsafe works though 😉

  7. Chris

    Actually – disregard my earlier message, I figured out what I did wrong. I had the alienbob repository set to have higher priority than ktown, which meant qt5 and qt5-webkit were kept at older versions. I just changed the priority in slackpkgplus.conf and now I’m up and running 🙂

    I am having the same issue with krunner as Eduardo and Radical Dreamer.

  8. Hakan

    sddm.bin wont fire for me, complaining about “” being missing. The default slackware-current repo seem to have upgraded “icu4c-60.1-x86_64-1” to that version. I ran a upgrade using slackpkgplus. These are all my packages that are installed right now.

  9. alienbob


    > qt5-5.9.2-x86_64-1alien
    > qt5-webkit-5.9.1-x86_64-1alien

    Check the priorities in your slackpkgplus.conf file. You seem to have set the ktown priority lower than the slackbuilds repository (just like chris mentioned above) and as a result, your qt5 and qt5-webkit packages were not upgraded.

  10. F4b1ck

    Hi Eric, after the latest upgrade all seems to work well, but libreoffice don’t work. He spit out the same message regarding ‘missing libraries’. And the tray icon of dropbox is disappeared

  11. Hakan


    Yea you are right. I had two things wrong. I had set the tag priority to \”on\” and I also had the wrong PKGS_PRIORITY. This fixed it for me.

    PKGS_PRIORITY=( ktown alienbob slackpkgplus )
    # TAG_PRIORITY=off

    Thanks for your quick update on the packages. 🙂

  12. Chris

    I might have spoken too soon on krunner – it seems to be working fine now. It segfaulted the first time I logged in to Plasma, but after rebooting the problem went away.

  13. Eduardo

    After I reported the issue to Eric on Krunner, it worked without isues at the second boot so I was going to say something similar to what Chris posted. But then, on the third boot and the fourth, and the fifth, it displayed the same bug again. Odd.

  14. Helios

    Thank you very much.
    I have found some not found libraries in deps/telepathy and kde/telepathy packages.

    There is not found in /usr/bin/jsc-1 (this is in openjdk ?)

  15. alienbob

    Indeed there’s some issues with the Telepathy packages but I am not sure if I will have time to deal with those, they are low on my priority list now.
    The “jsc-1” binary is not on my system so perhaps it is part of Oracle’s binary JDK package.

  16. Helios

    Finally I found that jsc-1 is in webkitgtk (another package to recompile)

  17. alienbob

    Helios – OK, not a package I need to fix then if t came from SBo 😉

  18. alienbob

    I have uploaded new packages for Pale Moon and Calibre, and rebuilt my Libre Office packages for -current. There’s still at least mkvtoolix that does not work but that will come later.

  19. Brad Reed

    Does the Calibre need PyQt5? When I try and run ebook-viewer from calibre-3.13.0-x86_64-1alien I get:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/ebook-viewer”, line 20, in
    File “/usr/lib64/calibre/calibre/”, line 81, in ebook_viewer
    from calibre.gui2.viewer.main import main
    File “/usr/lib64/calibre/calibre/gui2/viewer/”, line 28, in
    from calibre.gui2.viewer.ui import Main as MainWindow
    File “/usr/lib64/calibre/calibre/gui2/viewer/”, line 11, in
    from PyQt5.Qt import (
    ImportError: cannot import name QWebView

    both qt5-5.9.3-x86_64-1alien and qt5-webkit-5.9.1-x86_64-2alien are installed.

  20. LoneStar

    hi Eric,
    I believe kdepimlibs4 needs recompiled too, because of libical

  21. alienbob

    Interesting LoneStar, I did recompile kdepimlibs4 already, I wonder why it still shows a dependency against libical? I even had to apply a patch to get it to compile against libical3.
    Note that “ldd” will also show *indirect* dependencies, i.e. a library which kdepimlibs4 links against, still has a libical2 dependency, The trick is finding out which library.

  22. alienbob

    Brad Reed did you use my package or did you compile the package from source, yourself?
    My package works fine here, and yes, PyQt5 is required. A private copy of it is included in my package because I compile mine with “BUILD_PYTHON=YES”.

  23. LoneStar

    I found that kdepimlibs4 had not been updated by slackpkg. I did a reinstall and now it’s ok. Maybe package kept build number 4 like the previous version while it should be bumped to build 5?

  24. LoneStar

    I’m also finding that I still have a kde-workspace-4.11.22 which is no longer present in current ktown binaries, but there still is source for it in the source part. Going back to previous posts and READMEs I didn’t find an instruction about removing it like it’s done for other packages that got dropped or replaced.

  25. LoneStar

    my bad, I found you posted something about removing it, in a previous ktown announcement. I suggest to add a line about it in READMEs too.

  26. Eduardo

    Confirmed. For me the Krunner bug persists.

  27. alienbob

    LoneStar, that was exactly the issue with kdepimlibs4. The new package had the same BUILD number so the pkgtools/slackpkg would not upgrade it.
    I will fix that in the repository.

  28. alienbob

    LoneStar I have updated the README at the appropriate place:

    Thanks for mentioning it again, because in that old blog article’s comments section I had promised to update the README and I forgot.

  29. alienbob

    Eduardo, initially i wanted to answer that I was unable to get krunner to crash here, but then suddenly it did crash.
    I have not touched the plasma-workspace (which contains krunner) nor kwindowsystem (which contains the plugin that is mentioned on standard output when krunner starts crashing).

  30. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric for this. I will await any news on the matter.

  31. F4b1ck

    Thank you. With this update now works everything

  32. Brad Reed

    Strange, I can’t build it from your slackbuild either. The build ends with:
    * Running build

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 119, in
    File “”, line 104, in main
    File “/tmp/build/tmp-calibre/calibre-3.13.0/setup/”, line 236, in run_all
    self.run_cmd(self, opts)
    File “/tmp/build/tmp-calibre/calibre-3.13.0/setup/”, line 228, in run_cmd
    self.run_cmd(scmd, opts)
    File “/tmp/build/tmp-calibre/calibre-3.13.0/setup/”, line 232, in run_cmd
    File “/tmp/build/tmp-calibre/calibre-3.13.0/setup/”, line 245, in run
    self.env = init_env()
    File “/tmp/build/tmp-calibre/calibre-3.13.0/setup/”, line 140, in init_env
    from setup.build_environment import msvc, is64bit, win_inc, win_lib, NMAKE
    File “/tmp/build/tmp-calibre/calibre-3.13.0/setup/”, line 84, in
    from PyQt5.QtCore import PYQT_CONFIGURATION
    ImportError: No module named PyQt5.QtCore

  33. alienbob

    Brad I assume you don’t have PyQt5 installed.
    The SlackBuild script will not compile its own python or any python modules if you have python 2.7 installed… but you can get around that by running the following command which will force the inclusion of an internal python interpreter plus the required python modules. Your only external dependencies left will be podofo, unrar, libxkbcommon, qt5 and qt5-webkit:


    Alternatlvely you can of course install all the required python modules as external dependencies separately.

  34. Brad Reed

    Well, I purged everything, resynced to current, reinstalled qt5-5.9.3-x86_64-1alien and qt5-webkit-5.9.1-x86_64-2alien
    and now your build of calibre is working for me. I still can’t build it though. Wonder what is up with my system.

  35. manciuleas

    Regarding krunner crash: it seems to happen in
    /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/ according to the backtrace.
    As a workaround I removed the marble package (which was not recompiled during the mass recompilation) and krunner works again.
    Hope this helps.

  36. Eduardo

    Excellent! I uninstalled marble and krunner seems to work again! Thanks!

  37. alienbob

    I have rebuilt the marble package and uploaded it. My krunner is not crashing here now. YMMV.

  38. Geremia

    Why does httpd link to both libicu 56 and libicu 60?

  39. alienbob

    Geremia if you used “ldd” to determine that, be aware that ldd will also show you the “indirect” dependencies, i.e. dependencies of any library that httpd links against directly.
    So, it will probably not be httpd that is at fault but some custom extension you compiled in the past.

  40. Geremia

    I didn’t know that about ldd.

  41. alienbob

    Geremia, if you only want to list the *direct* dependencies of a binary, try the ‘readelf’ command instead. For instance, use:

    readelf -d $(which httpd) |grep ‘(NEEDED)’

    and play around with the output.

  42. toodr

    Hi, Eric
    I have a very strange problem after all these updates. I keep an instance of pidgin running in the system tray and if I plug in a usb stick with LUKS encrypted partition on it, and try to unlock it by clicking on the systray icon (solid) – no password dialogue comes up, and what is more strange – the pidgin icon dissapears from the systray. The LUKS partition cannot be unlocked and mounted and if I run pidgin again , it shows up but cannot dock into the system tray.
    When in xfce4, the unlocking and mounting of the LUKS partition works all right.
    Could this mean that solid should be recompiled or it is something else? Does anybody else has a problem like this?
    Pidgin can attach to systray again if I log out/log in plasma.
    I’m with Slackware current 64bit + Multilib + Ktown. Everithing elase is working as it should (As far as I can tell).

  43. alienbob

    toodr, try looking at the X session log files to see if any of these applications is writing errors.

  44. Jeff

    toodr, I have a problem that is similar to yours. After plugging in a USB stick with a LUKS encrypted partition, if I try to mount it using the device notifier in the system tray, only the spinner starts showing, but no password prompt appears. Also, my custom shortcuts stop working but things like Alt+Tab still work. The custom shortcuts start working again if I just open the Custom Shortcuts configuration page in the System Settings, without making any changes. This seems to restart some services, as it is accompanied by a pop-up notification about the WiFi connection being active, and occasionally also by a notification that kded5 or kdeinit5 closed unexpectedly. After all that, the spinner in the device notifier is still going, but the password prompt still doesn’t appear.

    This issue started for me only with the rebuilt KDE 5_17.11 for the latest Slackware-current; I had no problems with the earlier 5_17.11 packages (19 Nov).

    Eric, what are the X session log files to check for errors? When attempting to mount the drive, I don’t see anything that is written to /var/log/Xorg.0.log or to ~/.xsession-errors.

  45. toodr

    This is the only obvious error.

    Initializing “kcm_access” : “kcminit_access”
    kdeinit5: Got EXEC_NEW ‘/usr/bin/kaccess’ from launcher.
    kf5.kded: Could not load kded module “kded_accounts”:”Could not load library /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/ ( could not open file: No such file or directory)” (library path was:”kded_accounts”)

    By the way, this behaviour also happens if one tries to unlock any of the KDE Vaults. Without any LUKS partition.
    And now I noticed that other icons disapear from the system tray as well. KOrganizer icon, for instance. Just as a result of trying to mount a Vault.

  46. Gérard Monpontet

    I think, it’s ‘libaccounts-qt5’ who need rebuild 😉

  47. Gérard Monpontet

    libaccounts-qt5-1.15 stable is available:

  48. toodr

    This is not an immediate emergency for me.
    LUKS and Vaults can be mounted from command line. And there is a new release of KDE soon so maybe these issues will be solved anyway by a new compile of Eric’s.
    To Jeff: Thanks for the suggestion for restarting the services without logging out. This really works. And sddm keeps a log file in user’s directory at ~/.local/share/sddm/xorg-session.log

  49. Mikei

    I’ve posted similar posts in the past, but Chromium 63 have been out for a while, and theres been important fixes.

  50. alienbob

    Mikei, yes I know. But the year-end is kind of a busy time, wrapping up all the work for the holidays and handing over tasks to the people that stay in the office.
    The family comes first, paid work comes next, the hobbies come last.

  51. LoneStar

    There are still parts of KDE that would need a rebuild, for example the Telepathy parts.

    Anyway new releases of Framework and Applications are out already and in the meanwhile a temporary fix can be grabbing the icu4c 56.1 package from Slackware 14.2 and copying the library files somewhere in ldconfig path.

    Generally I prefer /usr/local/lib64 for such things.

  52. ArTourter

    Hi Eric,

    It looks like the latest plasma5-nm package (plasma5-nm-5.11.3-x86_64-2alien.txt) was compiled without openconnect as it is missing the .so file and the 2 .desktop files.

    I have recompiled the package myself and it created the files fine, however, even with the files installed, it still doesn’t work.

    the applet prepares to connect but the dialogue box asking for credentials never shows up and it eventually gives up.

    I am not sure where to look to see what the applet does and where it fails. I can connect to the VPN fine using the openconnect command directly.

    I haven’t tried recompiling your networkmanager-openconnect package in case the new networkmanager package changed something so that will be my next step.

  53. alienbob

    ArTourter let me know about the progress.
    There will not be further recompilations – when I have the time I will compile the newest Frameworks/Plasma/Applications and at that time, also refresh the Telepathy deps.
    Since the new Applications 17.12.0 is free of KDE4 stuff now, I will have to see what needs to be preserved in my kde4 & kde4-extragear directories to keep 3rd party kdelibs4-based packages going.

  54. ArTourter

    HI Eric,

    Well recompiling NetworkManager-openconnect didn’t fix the problem but looking at the output of the compilation it looks like there is a flag being set in the configure file that seem to indicate the limitation:
    modifying the slackbuild to change that value to NM_VERSION_1_10 (was worth a try) has no effect (well we get a slightly different message in the applet before it gives up but other than that nope)

    will keep looking

  55. Gérard Monpontet

    No problem here, Eric, for build latest applications and frameworks 😉

  56. Gérard Monpontet

    And, latest plasma

  57. Eduardo

    Hi Eric, just wanted to report that your latest libreoffice packages for current do not run anymore after today’s boost upgrade in -current. However, symlinking the relevant 1.66.0 libraries with links using the old version 1.65.1 solves (at least temporarily) the problem.
    Thanks for all your help and effort.

  58. alienbob

    Eduardo, someone else already mentioned this on the ‘Feedback’ page… it’s what you get for running slackware-current. I don’t know when I will have time to compile a new package, LibreOffice is a big one.

  59. Eduardo

    Hi Eric, I understand what you said. I just wanted to note here the workaround in case someone finds it useful. As for the rebuild, don’t worry. I can manage so far. Thanks again!!

  60. Gérard Monpontet

    Just info, Eric,i have the new ConsoleKit2-1.2.1, installed here, since 8 days, it work without problem 😉

  61. alienbob

    Gérard I think I can still slip that update into the next ktown release.

  62. Gérard Monpontet

    Thanks, I think you are preparing a nice Christmas present for plasma5 users 😉

  63. Gérard Monpontet

    You saw that Pat added Mako at current now, mesa no need the patch now 😉

  64. alienbob

    Don’t worry the patch is commented out. It stays there in case someone wants to try these sources on Slackware 14.2.

  65. Gérard Monpontet

    Ok, Eric, thanks 😉

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