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Python3 update in -current results in rebuilt Plasma5 packages in ktown

Pat decided to update the Python 3 to version 3.7.2. This update from 3.6 to 3.7 broke binary compatibility and a lot of packages needed to be rebuilt in -current. But you all saw the ChangeLog.txt entry of course.

In my ‘ktown’ repository with Plasma5 packages, the same needed to happen. I have uploaded a set of recompiled packages already, so you can safely upgrade to the latest -current as long as you also upgrade to the latest ‘ktown’. Kudos to Pat for giving me advance warning so I could already start recompiling my own stuff before he uploaded his packages.

A couple of good things came out of this effort.

  • I took a patch for the ‘sip’ package from its repository, which then allows for compiling the ‘PyQt’ 4.x package errorfree. This patch will be applied the next official sip release by Riverbank Computing, so then Slackware-current can finally also upgrade to the latest sip and PyQt versions.
  • I wrote a one-liner patch for QScintilla to make the PyQt4 part compile again. So now my QScintilla re-gained support for Qt4 next to Qt5.
  • I updated the ‘digikam’ package to DigiKam 6.0.0, a new major release after two years of development.

Have fun!



  1. Mike Langdon

    Thanks Eric! I was going to hold off, but after running slackpkg update I saw that you were way ahead of the game. The upgrade was finished before I got the blog email.

    Seems to be just fine!

  2. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric! Downloading now.

  3. Eduardo

    Hi Eric, just wanted to confirm that everything is running smoothly after the upgrade. Thanks!

  4. alienbob

    Good to hear.

  5. ArTourter

    Hi Eric.

    Thanks for all your work. One thing I have notice is that I get a gpg error when slackpkg is checking your PyQt package.

    Looking at the repo, the build number has not been changed so it was not picked up but slackpkg update, but forcing a reinstall fails. the package I currently have install still has python3.6 files.

  6. alienbob

    ArTourter yu are correct, the GPG signature and MD5SUM files are out of date for that package, I am re-generating them now.

  7. ArTourter

    Thanks Eric.

    The signature now match but the package still has the same build number (1alien) as the python3.6 version so it is not picked up by slackpkg as an potential update.


  8. alienbob

    ArTourter the package was recompiled but retained the same old build number because the original one is also a correct package.
    So, if you already had it, you keep that one installed. If you do a new installation you’ll get the new package.

  9. Ricardo

    @alienbob, but if you already have the original PyQt (compiled against python 3.6) you can’t “upgrade” to the (same) version compiled against python 3.7using slackpkg+.

    Or at least I couldn’t, I had to uninstall it and reinstall it.

  10. Ricardo

    BTW, am I the only one experiencing crashes of kdeinit5 after the last -current + ktown update? It seems to happen when I get notification from kdeconnect.

    Also, after the upgrade to applications 18.12.2 akonadi_birthdays_resource crashes on login but re-execs and keeps running fine (so not much of a bother).


  11. Ricardo

    Thanks Eric for bumping PyQt’s build number!

    Also, after the update to mariadb of today, akonadi_birthdays_resource no longer crashes.

  12. Eduardo

    Hi Eric, in today’s -current update Pat added pyxdg. Should we keep your package? Thanks!

  13. alienbob

    Hi Eduardo, either package is OK.
    Now that Pat added a pyxdg package to -current I will remove mine on the next update.
    I asked, and it appears that pyxdg allows fvwm to use the .desktop entries from the likes of XFCE and Plasma5.

  14. Eduardo

    Hi Eric, thanks for the clarification. I will replace your package with Pat’s now.

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