GCC 8.3.0 in slackware-current

Today, Pat upgraded the GCC compiler suite in slackware-current to 8.3.0 and I did the same for the multilib version of the GCC packages. The release was simultaneous on both sides thanks to the fact that I had advance access to the Slackware package files. Thanks Pat.
And you’ll also enjoy a new kernel in that same batch of updates in -current.

Grab the packages while they’re hot!

Have a good weekend, Eric

9 thoughts on “GCC 8.3.0 in slackware-current

  1. Thanks Eric, not using multi-lib at this moment, but you deserve respect for your tireless job.
    Also I like to hear you are working elbow to elbow with Pat. Waiting for good news about plasma introduction on current, which will show your work also, and community test we have been running for this long period.

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  3. Thanks as usual for your efforts, AlienBob.

    Great collaboration. I’m super glad Pat gave you advance access to the Slackware package files. It’s not fair to you if there’s a sudden update of such a fundamental component of the OS and you’re stuck having to scramble to undergo such a time-consuming task that you’re not even being paid for.

  4. Well Pat usually gives a heads-up so that I can prepare my own packages, and the team always has access to the pending updates once Pat uploads them from his own computer.
    But sometimes we are out of sync and he releases stuff before I become aware of it.

  5. Hi Lockywolf
    I had seen the discussion on LQ and had already fixed my libconfig packages for Slackware 14.2 and -current. The libconfig package is also part of the LXQT package set so it was updated there as well.

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