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2019 Q1 updates for Flash and Java8


Adobe released updated versions for their Flash Player plugins halfway February. I missed those initially, but today I fixed that.
The Slackware packages for version of the flashplayer-plugin (NPAPI plugin for Mozilla based browsers) and the chromium-pepperflash-plugin (PPAPI plugin for Chromium based browsers) are available in my repository now.



icedteaAlso recently there was a new release for the IcedTea framework: version 3.11.0 compiles the latest Java 8, to be specific you will get OpenJDK 8u201_b08. This release syncs this OpenJDK build to the January 2019 security fixes for Java.
If you want to compile OpenJDK yourself you will need apache-ant as well.


Note about java usage:

My Java 7 and Java 8 packages (e.g. openjdk7 and openjdk… or openjre7 and openjre) can not co-exist on your computer because they use the same installation directory. You must install either Java 7 or Java 8.

Remember that I release packages for the JRE (runtime environment) and the JDK (development kit) simultaneously, but you only need to install one of the two. The JRE is sufficient if you only want to run Java programs (including Java web plugins). Only in case where you’d want to develop Java programs and need a Java compiler, you are in need of the JDK package.

Here is where you can download the Slackware packages for Flash (flashplayer-plugin and chromium-pepperflash-plugin) and Java (openjre/openjdk):


  1. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric!

  2. Jen


  3. John Yost

    will the new SlackBuild for openjdk8 build without jar/fastjar already installed? Does it need an already installed version of java?

  4. alienbob

    Hi John,

    You need an existing Java compiler installed, correct.
    As of OpenJDK 8 it is no longer possible to bootstrap using the old GCC Java compiler. You need OpenJDK 7 or 8 installed already, in order to build this package from source.

  5. John

    Thanks for the response, guess I must install Oracle JDK.
    I don’t like to do that.
    Thank You

  6. alienbob

    John, as far as I know the Oracle JDK will not work for building the icedtea-based build of OpenJDK. You need a OpenJDK 7 or 8 which was built with icedtea.

    And if you don’t like to install Oracle’s JDK on your computer in order to compile OpenJDK… why don’t you install my binary package instead?

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