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Lumina Desktop will be removed from my -current repository

The Lumina Desktop is part of the TrueOS project, a FreeBSD variant. I packaged version 1.4.0.p1 for Slackware and it is part of the Plasma5 variant of my Slackware Live Edition.

I noticed a while ago that Lumina would no longer start but it was low on my priority list to try and fix it.

Today I found the time to look into this, but a recompilation against the latest Qt5 and other libraries, altough error-free, would not make the Lumina Desktop start successfully: it will start to load, but then you’ll hear a beep and you’re dumped at the command prompt or at the graphical login screen without evidence of what happened.

A bit of research showed that apparently, Lumina stopped working on Linux with versions of Qt greater than 5.9 (gentoo discussion and lumina bug report). According to the developer Lumina works fine on FreeBSD, even with Qt 5.12, and the developer will not troubleshoot the Linux code according to what he posted in that bug report.

Therefore I am sorry to say (I really liked this light-weight Qt5 based Desktop Environment) that I will remove the lumina package from my slackware-current repository. If this issue ever gets fixed, I’ll be happy to re-add the package.



  1. Eduardo

    Bummer. But a good call. Thanks Eric.

  2. Marcus_777

    I confirm that lumina 1.4.2 + qt5.12.1 work flawlessly on FreeBSD12 and Project-Trident.

  3. alienbob

    Well, patches for the Linux build are welcome 🙂

  4. pavroo

    Stopped working on Debian Buster, even after rebuilding; but still works on Stretch

  5. alienbob

    pavroo, same reason. Stretch has QT 5.7.1 while Buster has Qt 5.11.3. Lumina on Linux does not work with QT newer than 5.9.6.

  6. Marcus_777

    Interesting, Piggyz on Gentoo forums write: ” This problem in my tests seems limited to x86_64 platform. Pure x86 seems to work ok.”

  7. Marcus_777

    I tried lumina-desktop with gdb. Segmentation fault in

    Feb 23 15:42:01 Brutus kernel: [13151.163271] lumina-desktop[17779]: segfault at 200090029 ip 00007f83664ad8b5 sp 00007ffd725de040 error 4 in[7f83663fa000+365000]
    Feb 23 15:42:01 Brutus kernel: [13151.163279] Code: 8d 50 10 48 63 48 08 48 63 40 0c 48 8d 2c ca 4c 8d 2c c2 49 39 ed 74 40 0f 1f 44 00 00 48 8b 5d 00 48 85 db 74 29 48 8b 43 08 40 20 01 74 1f 48 89 df e8 8d 61 f8 ff 48 89 de 48 8b 10 48 89

    Nobody work on patch 🙁

  8. Ole-André Rodlie


    Just wanted to let you know that I’m working on a fork of Lumina. It will be a stripped-down version with several fixes and with a focus on Linux rather than FreeBSD. It works with latest Qt etc. Will add scripts to SBo when I’m done (this month)

    The problem with Lumina and Qt+Linux is their theme engine as far as I know.

  9. alienbob

    Hi Ole-André Rodlie, good news. I’ll gladly re-add a working Lumina Desktop to my repository.

  10. Ole-Andre Rodlie

    Hi Eric,

    Got some news on my progress. To make Lumina work as good as possible on Slackware I just had to fork it, so the new project is now Draco.

    Been working on it for some time now and it’s ready for testing. I hope this project can benefit Slackware, and in the long run be included.

    ChangeLog compared to Lumina is here:


    Slackware instructions:


    Anything else on

    Still stuff do to, mostly paper cuts at this point. I will probably do a beta
    release by the end of this weekend.

    Slackware-specific feature requests are welcome. Feel free to contact me
    anytime regarding (more) integration with Slackware.


    Ole-Andre Rodlie (olear)

  11. alienbob

    Hi Ole-Andre,

    That is good progress there! If qt5ct is the only missing required package then I should add it to my repository. I’ll try to find some time soon-ish to build Draco and have a look.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  12. Ole-Andre Rodlie

    The qt5ct at is good, I’m using that. It will work without qt5ct but you will not be able to change any theme settings like icons, fonts etc.

    I need to add more settings etc, but I need to start somewhere. I’m dedicated to the project so it will improve 🙂

    I’m testing on Slackware 14.2/Current with Qt 5.9.7 and Qt 5.12.x.

  13. Ole-Andre Rodlie

    Did a RC release today (if no bugs are found this will be final).

    SlackBuild on github and included in source (share/slackware).

    btw, remember that qt5ct uses private headers, so you will need to rebuild qt5ct every time you upgrade qt5.

    As always, feel free to contact me regarding bugs, features etc. I want this to work as good as possible out-of-the-box on Slackware.

    I should probably submit a SlackBuild to SBo also?



  14. Ole-Andre Rodlie

    First stable release is now available.

    I was inspired by your live scripts to also create a live ISO

    I have submitted a SlackBuild to SBo for Slackware 14.2.


    Ole-Andre Rodlie

  15. alienbob

    Ole-Andre – cool!
    I will build a package for Slackware-current and add it to my next Plasma5 Live ISO. Thanks for the effort.

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