New multilib versions of glibc and gcc for slackware-current

There were a couple of nice updates in the Slackware-current ChangeLog today – new kernel (3.14.3), new binutils (, new glibc (2.19) and a rebuilt gcc. Not to speak of two new packages: libnftnl and nftables, which bring a new packet filtering framework on Linux.

It’s my birthday today and I took a day off to be with my family, so there was time enough to build new versions of multilib glibc and gcc :-). They are at their usual download locations:

Remember, a multilib configuration is needed if you want to use binary-only 32-bit software on 64-bit Slackware – think of Valve’s Steam Client, the WINE emulator, the Pipelight browser plugin, Citrix client etc.

If you are looking for instructions on how to add or update multilib on your 64-bit Slackware, check out our Slackware Documentation Project which has this information and much more.

Cheers, Eric


26 thoughts on “New multilib versions of glibc and gcc for slackware-current

  1. Happy Birthday and all the best Eric!

    PS: There are some leftover log files in the current and 14.1 directories.

  2. Gefeliciteerd met verjaardag!!!!

    Best wishes and greetings from Odessa, Ukraine.

    PS and thanks a lot for your input to Slackware and its development.

  3. Hi fred

    Yes I am aware of that issue. I still have the proposed patch written by SeB on my TODO list. Eventually I will get to reviewing it and implementing a fix.
    I don’t think SeB’s patch is correct though.


  4. Hi Eric,

    Is it possible that the rsync mirror are not up-to-day ? I’m using and still nothing new there.

  5. Hi Diego

    Yes, I see now what happened.
    Thanks to the stupid move of who deleted all the free hostnames (because now you have to pay for dynamic hostnames)… I lost two of my hostnames which I have used a _lot_ !
    I’ve updated the mirrorscript to use my current hostname instead of the now defunkt hostname.
    Thanks for notifyimg me! Otherwise this might have gone unnoticed for a while…


  6. Hi Eric,

    Some times ago I sent you a mail with a small script to check the possible side effects of my patch for lesstif-compat32. I wanted to make sure you got it, otherwise I can resend it.

    Furthermore I’m wondering which 32-bit app require lesstif.



  7. Hi phenixia2003

    Yeah I received it, and it is still on my TODO list. The changes you proposed were not exacly the improvement I wanted but I could not come up with a good alternative so I decided to think it over.
    I added lesstif three years ago (itwas not originally part of the script) because Skype required it.


  8. Hi,

    I’ve checked the compat32 packages required by skype from (slackware 13.0) to (slackware 14.1) and none needs lesstif.

    I googled for that and I found the message below about skype / lesstif:

    But, according to the message below on the same thread, it seems there was a mistake about that, and the app that requires lesstif is not skype but citrix-client:

    So, I checked the latest citrix-client ( and this version, which is the only available, does not require lesstif. Furthermore, there’s 64-bit citrix-client now.

    Maybe lesstif can simply be dropped from the multilib.


  9. The citrix client 13.0 does not work on Slackware unless you do a lot of hard work (when I checked it out, it needed a lot of dependencies which Slackware is lacking). The older versions of the Citrix client actually do not work with lesstif and require openmotif…

    The older 12.1 client is a bit hidden but can still be found here:

    The 64-bit Citrix client is unfortunately still 32-bit, hidden in a “64-bit” package and you’ll need multilib on a 64-bit computer.

    So yes, perhaps lesstif does not have a place in


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