11 thoughts on “Multilib packages for Slackware 14

  1. Hi xa0c

    Indeed, I made a few changes to the compat32-tools.
    From the ChangeLog.txt:

    Thu Sep 20 23:00:09 UTC 2012current/compat32-tools-3.0-noarch-1alien.tgz: The massconvert32.sh will now prefer packages from the patches directory.
    The convertpkg-compat32 script adds a ‘compat32’ tag to the converted package by default. This makes it possible to add the following line to the slackpkg blacklist:



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  4. Thanks again, Eric! Multilib packages for 14.0 already installed on one server and two desktops in my office. Used right now for 32-bit-only Brother printer drivers on the server and VirtualBox on the desktop.

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  6. Eric,
    I needed to install a printer driver (Brother) which was 32-bit only binary. I was really important for me that the printer was working. And then, I’ve installed your multilb packages and everything works like a charm. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You saved me 🙂

  7. slackware 14.1 multilib

    – glibc
    – glibc-i18n
    – glibc-profile
    – glibc-solibs
    – glibc-zoneinfo

    there are available?

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