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Multilib packages for Slackware 14

I have made a copy of the multilib packages which I had for slackware-current. I named the new directory “14.0” so that it is clear to users of a 64-bit Slackware 14 system which files they need.

Instructions for multilib installation and upgrade can be found in the Slackware Documentation Project.




  1. xa0c

    Thanks, Eric.
    Btw – have you changed the filename pattern for compat32 packages?

  2. alienbob

    Hi xa0c

    Indeed, I made a few changes to the compat32-tools.
    From the ChangeLog.txt:

    Thu Sep 20 23:00:09 UTC 2012current/compat32-tools-3.0-noarch-1alien.tgz: The will now prefer packages from the patches directory.
    The convertpkg-compat32 script adds a ‘compat32’ tag to the converted package by default. This makes it possible to add the following line to the slackpkg blacklist:



  3. Niki Kovacs

    Thanks again, Eric! Multilib packages for 14.0 already installed on one server and two desktops in my office. Used right now for 32-bit-only Brother printer drivers on the server and VirtualBox on the desktop.

  4. Ivan Tasso

    Amazing …. tnx again Eric

  5. Trent

    I needed to install a printer driver (Brother) which was 32-bit only binary. I was really important for me that the printer was working. And then, I’ve installed your multilb packages and everything works like a charm. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You saved me 🙂

  6. alienbob

    Hi Trent, always glad when someone tells me that multilib is actually a good thing 🙂

  7. sunjob

    slackware 14.1 multilib

    – glibc
    – glibc-i18n
    – glibc-profile
    – glibc-solibs
    – glibc-zoneinfo

    there are available?

  8. alienbob

    sunjob, come on.
    You are asking questions on this blog and in private emails that are easily answered by searching the internet or by reading
    If you do your research first, and then come for help, I will help. Slackware is not about spoonfeeding. And there are no “compat32” packages of glibc for a good reason.

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