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More Flash fixes in November

adobe_flash_8s600x600_2After last week’s updates by Adobe, addressing new vulnerabilities in their Flash Player plugins, today we have another bugfix release. That’s faster than I had anticipated. Luckily I was alerted by a dutch news site so I could quickly wrap the new Flash binaries into Slackware packages for your consumption.

The plugin for the Chromium browser (chromium-pepperflash-plugin) was stamped with version number while the plugin for Mozilla browsers (flashplayer-plugin) was upped to version (both 64bit and 32bit).

As always, Slackware packages for these Flash plugins are available for download & install in the following locations:

Have fun with these. Better even, try to avoid sites that are still using Flash… HTML5 is the better alternative.

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  1. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric!

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