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LibreOffice 7.2.5 packages for Slackware-current

LibreOffice Community Edition 7.2.5 was released yesterday and I have uploaded a new set packages for Slackware-current.

This is the fifth iteration in the 7.2 release cycle with two more to come in the next three months. Since this is a minor upgrade, the focus is on bug fixing and improving the stability.

The new packages can be found in my repository ( or any mirror if you wait a day, for instance .

Enjoy the new release – Eric


  1. kjhambrick

    Woo Hoo !
    Thanks Eric !!
    — kjh

  2. Jen

    Awesome, thanks! Happy new year!

  3. metageek

    Thanks for this. But I’m getting “Unspecified Application Error” just after seeing the Libre Office logo. I wonder if I need other packages from your repository to get this running. I’m on the latest current (last updates from Jan 7)

    • alienbob

      It works for me, what can I say.
      There have been other people with that nondescript ‘unspecified application error’.
      Perhaps have a look at the possible UI widgets to use in /etc/profile.d/ – I use KDE Plasma5 here and do not have to modify that profile script these days, but I had to in the past.

  4. metageek

    Ok, I managed to get it running by setting
    I read a lot of posts on LQo and this problem is due to some errors from mesa on specific Intel video drivers. The solution was pointed out here:

    • metageek

      and as found out later, the real issue is using OPEN_CL, disabling OPEN_CL does the same thing. (apparently setting an invalid mesa driver makes libreoffice write a config option that stops it from trying to use OPEN_CL ever again…

      • alienbob

        Glad you could solve it and thanks for documenting the fix here.

        • Paolo Di Stefano

          Yes… MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE=i965 solved it me too. This error on a ASUS Laptop

  5. Dave Penkler

    Since a recent upgrade in which moved libboost to 1.78.0 current libreoffice is failing to find the old
    ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/
    for xxx in locale system filesystem iostreams; fixed the problem.
    Is it possible to build libreoffice to link with just /usr/lib64/ ?

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