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Chromium 97 added to my repository; fixes a critical vulnerability

A couple of days ago Google released the sources for Chromium 97.0.4692.71. I am still waiting for an update to the chromium-ungoogled sources but I have already uploaded Slackware packages for chromium (targeting 14.2 and -current) to my repository.

This release addresses one ‘critical’ vulnerability (CVE-2022-0096, ‘Use after free in Storage‘) and brings a total of 37 security fixes. From a user perspective, I could not find particularly exciting new functionality in the release notes. The security fixes still make this a recommended upgrade.

You can get my chromium packages from or its mirrors.


Update 08-jan-2022: packages for chromium-ungoogled 97.0.4692.71 are now also available in my repository.


  1. francisco

    Thanks Eric. Happy New Year!. All the best for you and slackware.

  2. Michael Langdon

    Thanks Eric! Hope you and your family had a great holiday!

  3. Jesus M Diaz

    Hi Eric, thanks for the new update!

    I am seeing something weird since I update Chromium: every time I try to move a tab to manually sort them, the tab I am moving jumps to a new window. It could be me being clumsy with the mouse, but it’s happening only now and only in this computer, idk.

    Anyone else noticed something similar?

    • alienbob

      It’s you being clumsy with the mouse probably. It happens when you start dragging a tab and move the mouse above or below the tab strip while dragging.

      • Jesus M Diaz

        Yes, that was I thought, but it’s happening to me only with this browser, idk, maybe it is a selective clumsiness, lol

    • Richard Herbert

      Same here, Jesus. I can’t put it down to “being clumsy with the mouse”, as the slightest attempt to drag a tab opens it up in a new Chromium window. Not that it’s something that I regularly do, but it does confirm our problem.

  4. kjhambrick

    Thanks again, Eric !
    Chromium 97 looks good at a glance but I am a chromium-ungoogled kind-a-guy, myself 🙂
    — kjh

  5. gegechris99

    Thanks Eric for the update of chromium-ungoogled and LO

  6. kjhambrick

    Woo Hoo !
    Sat Jan 8 10:25:23 UTC 2022
    chromium-ungoogled: updated to 97.0.4692.71 for Slackware 14.2 and -current.
    Thanks Eric !
    — kjh

    p.s. you really do make Slackware a better OS 🙂

  7. Marco

    Thanks as always Eric for the swift update!

    One thing, Widevine seems to have stopped working in Chromium-ungoogled. In Firefox it still works, version there is 4.10.2391.
    Error message: “DRM: licenser error! –com.widevine.alpha update, XHR complete. status is “” (500), readyState is 4. Response is Unhandled Exception.”

    I can’t watch NPO-start now anymore in Chromium-ungoogled. 🙁

    • alienbob

      I noticed the same, and it was sufficient to update the Widevine plugin library to the latest available version. An updated ‘chromium-widevine-plugin’ package will arrive soon in my repository.

  8. Marco

    Thank you!

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