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LibreOffice 5.2.4 packages

libreoffce_logoMerry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you out there. Christmas came and went here in the Netherlands,  while the US still has some hours to go. Enjoy your turkey diners. I made a fresh batch of worstenbroodjes and they were yummy.
The computers worked frantically while I relaxed with my family. Slackware 14.2 and -current packages are ready for LibreOffice 5.2.4. Enjoy the newest version of this highly popular office suite.
According to the announcement on the Document Foundation blog , this 5.2.4 release marks a new stable LibreOffice (the developers call this “still” rather than “stable”), replacing the stable 5.1.x releases:
LibreOffice 5.2.4 “still” <…> all users can start to update to LibreOffice 5.2.4 from LibreOffice 5.1.6 or previous versions“.

Get the LibreOffice packages preferably from one of the mirrors because of the package size, and take into account that only the master site and ‘bear’ will have the packages during the first 24 hours:

Note: the LibreOffice browser plugin (NPAPI based) has been removed in LibreOffice 4.4.0:

Have fun! Eric


  1. Jen

    Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  2. kjhambrick

    Thank you Eric !

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    — kjh

  3. p431i7o

    Thanks Eric!
    merry chrismas and happy holidays to you too!

  4. Eduardo

    Thank you Eric! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. gegechris99

    Thank you Eric for the update.
    Merry Christmas (a too bit late).
    Best wishes for next year.

  6. gauchao

    Thank you Eric. Happy holidays for you and yours too! I wish you all the best: health, peace and joy.

  7. Ricardo J. Barberis

    A bit late, but Merry Christmas!
    And thanks for the present! 🙂

  8. Eduardo

    Hi eric, Merry Christmass again. I can report that so far the packages are working great here. Thank you!

  9. Carlos Quiros

    On a clean 14.2 with all the updates (upgrade-all) after installing the package Libreoffice Calc does not run reporting unable to load

    I tried to build the package from scratch from your source at but it fails with the following messages:

    : *****************************************************************
    : ERROR: ERROR: Missing files at /tmp/build/tmp-libreoffice/libreoffice- line 1197.
    : *****************************************************************

    Tue Jan 10 17:28:15 2017 (00:07 min.)
    Failed to install: No such file or directory at /tmp/build/tmp-libreoffice/libreoffice- line 92.
    Makefile:303: recipe for target ‘install’ failed
    make: *** [install] Error 2
    Installing XML files because ‘make distro-pack-install’ fails to do so…
    install: target ‘/tmp/build/package-libreoffice/usr/share/appdata/’ is not a directory: No such file or directory
    ./libreoffice.SlackBuild FAILED at line 1213

  10. alienbob

    Carlos, the real error will have occurred a lot earlier. I hope you have captured the output of the build process. Typically for LibreOffice compilations, the error can be caused by lack of storage or lack of memory.

    About the Calc error, looks like a library is missing. what do you see when running “ldd /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/ |grep found”? Use “lib64” instead of “lib” if you are running 64bit Slackware.

  11. Carlos Quiros

    Hi Eric,

    The output of ldd is: => not found => not found => not found

    However I have:

    I will give you the output of the build soon.


  12. alienbob

    Carlos, is a default Slackware 14.2 package and there is no newer boost in the patches section.

    Your ldd error output shows that you have boost 1.61.0 which means you are not running Slackware 14.2 but rather -current. Did you install a libreoffice package for the wrong Slackware release (14.2 instead of current)?

  13. Carlos Quiros

    Bummer!.. You are right! By mistake I upgrade it to current. Thanks..

  14. Thiago

    I have the same libboost problem but with different version => not found => not found => not found

    and i have boost 1.63
    from last current release.

  15. alienbob

    Thiago, that is the fun of running Slackware-current. Things break. The libreoffice package for Slackware -current needs a recompile but I do not have the time for it now.

  16. kyrill

    I made a bunch of symlinks with the required version in the name (e.g. ln -s, and now Calc seems to work just fine.

  17. Prasad Pappu

    I get the following error : Component cannot be loaded, possibly broken or incomplete installation.
    Full error message:

    loading component library failed.

  18. alienbob

    Prasad, assuming you are running Slackware-current (not 14.2) you are running into the same issue that was reported a few posts higher up, by Thiago. The upgrade of boost in Slackware-current requires a recompilation of LibreOffice. For the short term you can implement the ‘hack’ suggested by Thiago: add a couple of symlinks.

    • Prasad Pappu

      I did the hack it is working now.

  19. Prasad Pappu

    It worked with the symbolic links hack.
    Thanks a lot

  20. Dhaby

    Hi Eric

    LibreOffice Calc have problems on current, libboost* are updated and calc fail with this message:

    loading component library failed.

  21. Eduardo

    I was about to report the same problem but the symlink hack solved the issue. Thank you!!

  22. Kir

    loading component library failed.

  23. alienbob

    Dhaby, Kir, how hard should it be to actually READ the comments that are right above your own post?

  24. BanjoFox

    Thank you for this!

    I started building the packages from SBO and kept running into dependency issues. Grabbed a copy of the 14.2 package and BAM… instantly works 😀

  25. Dhaby

    Hi Eric

    The solution works for me too, but I only reported the bug 🙂

  26. orbea

    I personally like compiling libreoffice with as many –with-system-dependency as I can. I found when boost was upgraded in current recently instead of needing to recompile lbireoffice (I use my own script) I only had to recompile some of the dependencies which takes far less time of course. Just some food for thought. 🙂

  27. alienbob

    orbea, the thing is, libreoffice was compiled using the switch “–without-system-boost” but nevertheless, the package picks up a dependency on the system boost… a side effect probably of the other system libraries that libreoffice links to, which have an indirect linkage to boost libraries.

  28. alienbob

    FYI, I have uploaded a recompiled version of libreoffice for slackware-current. This resolves the boost library issue, so the workaround (creating symlinks) is no longer needed.

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