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KDE Plasma6 Beta2 (but the Live ISO won’t work)

Hi folks.

I have a nice set of packages ready for KDE Plasma6 Beta2 which was just announced two days ago.
As you see from below screenshot, it runs nicely as a Wayland session, both logged in via the SDDM login manager and by running “startkwayland” from a console in runlevel 3.

A few issues that I see may be related to running this test in a QEMU virtual machine, connecting to its VNC server interface from inside another remote VNC session… maybe that’s overdoing the complexity, I don’t know. I can not logout from either the X11 or the Wayland session, the virtual display freezes and I have to login via ssh and reboot the VM or do a back-and-forth switch between runlevels 3 and 4.

Another problem I am facing is the fact that I cannot yet test this on real hardware. I intend to generate and release a KTOWN variant of liveslak, i.e. an ISO image containing this Plasma6 Beta2 release. Unfortunately, the ISO I generated refuses to start either X11 or Wayland sessions, complaining about Qt6 interfaces that are missing or corrupt. I compared the Plasma6-specific package list in the ISO to what I have installed in this QEMU VM, and they are identical.
I will continue my troubleshooting and hope to fix this before Christmas. If not, then this will have to be delayed until after the family visits.

Happy Christmas!


  1. tasoss

    Merry Christmas !

  2. Carlos

    Great job Eric, Slackware community wouldn’t be the same without your job.

  3. David Hunt

    Thank you for another year of testing and releasing packages for the best, and least annoying distro. Have a good Christmas with your family.

  4. Francisco

    Happy Xmas Eric!!!. All the best and have a great time with your family.

    Thanks for your time and effort maintaining KDE Land…. on Slackware!!

    Happy Holidays to all the Slackware Family.


  5. alienbob

    Found the cause for the non-functional Live ISO. There was a stale qt6-6.6.0 package in an archive directory which was found by and subsequently installed. All the rest is compiled against qt6-6.6.1 which resulted in all the ‘missing symbols’ errors.
    I have a working live environment now, by manually upgrading the qt6 package inside the Live VM. Now I am re-generating a proper ISO image and hopefully have that online later today for all of you to enjoy.
    It sports a wintery scene as its default background image, which I shot during one of my COVID pandemic walks.

  6. Geremia

    Qt6 by Christmas would be awesome.
    I was having trouble building, on slack64-current, the Qt6 from the SlackBuild on

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