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Java in Slackware ARM

I am slaving away on my ARM port. It is mostly a side activity at the moment, I am doing a lot of other things which are higher on the priority list while I am getting the core ARM package set on par with the Slackware 14 versions. But it did already enable me to build a working version of the OpenJDK packages using the same SlackBuild script (well, a teeny bit of editing was needed) which I am using for the “Intel-compatible” versions of Slackware.

MoZes (Stuart Winter, the maintainer of Slackware ARM) decided that this was a good enough time to use this SlackBuild script and finally add a working Java to Slackware ARM.

From his site comes this message:

Thanks to the work of Eric Hameleers, Slackware ARM v14.0 and -current now sports OpenJDK and OpenJRE packages. A JRE has always been absent from Slackware ARM, so I’m particularly pleased to be able to now strike one off the “missing package list”. I hope it’s useful!

Slackware 14.0 has the packages in patches and -current has them in extra/openjdk. You’ll need to install the “rhino” package as this is a run-time dependency.

This is also good news for people who want to experiment with Java on their Raspberri Pi or Pandora Box for which ARMedslack community builds are available.


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