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Busy days

The KDE team has just made the sources available for the first beta of KDE 4.10. It will take until next week to release that beta1 to the public but I had already decided to skip the Betas for the KDE releases and wait until a Release Candidate. I am afraid that I have very little time for absorbing any more time-consuming projects… like getting a KDE Beta built and tested for Slackware.

In exactly one week I will be traveling to India. Not a holiday, but a business trip to spend a week with my helpdesk team. I will give some training there and talk about “our” side of the work in the Netherlands where I work for the IT department on the ASML campus. My visit should be beneficial to our helpdesk team members who have never actually seen anything of the customer they are working so hard for. There will be plenty of room for socializing as well, and I hope to see something of Hyderabad and its suurroundings at least. I will try and order a meal of the original Hyderabadi Biryani, of which I have a recipe in my own blog as well. And pictures of course… I want to make a lot of photos while I am there.

But, preparation time for that trip is very short, because my employer gave an approval only this week, and that leaves less time for Slackware related stuff. As I said, no new KDE 4.10 beta packages. I have no idea if I will be on time with the KDE 4.9.4 packages which are due early December.

What I did manage, was to update my multilib repository for Slackware 14.0 (something I had forgotten when I updated the -current packages) so that you can try out the new Skype for Linux on a multilib Slackware 14.0. I will try using Skype while visiting India. And I will package a new version of Sigil, the EPUB book editor. For those who regularly update to my newer Calibre e-book management packages – there was no new release this friday because the developer Kovid Goyal took a week off (he lives in Mumbai, India and they had Diwali Festival over there).

I can’t leave you without at least informing you about a new and promising fork of UDEV software. Initiated by Gentoo developers, they are calling this “udev-ng“. You may have noticed in the past that I do not speak favourably about the band of Redhat developers who are trying to destroy anything that is not Redhat by forcing SystemD on everyone – alienating everyone they should be co-operating with and killing software which other distros depend on. With the prospect of an independent fork of UDEV (which Lennart Poettering and friends have merged into systemd with the intent of dropping support for it later) we in Slackware land stand a better chance of keeping systemd out of our distro. In fact this is the second fork of UDEV, I hope the teams will be working together.

Cheers, Eric


  1. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

    Safe trip to India Eric
    KDE 4.10 will be another busy work since they split kdegames into tons of new packages, which i think will need some time to finish, but we are not in a rush to test that version out.

    Take your time and enjoy your visit to India πŸ™‚

  2. weput

    have a nice trip man.

    experience has tought me the importance of those business trips and the good cohesion they provide to the people behind things… specially when they work miles appart.

    for the udev thing… i’m on the “wait to see” mode as there is a long path to travel. There is too much stuff going on (like secure boot) at the same time and we cant know what will be relevant until it is. The end user will never care and they are the defining factor over this subjects

  3. jaycee

    Oh no Eric! Without you packaging the KDE 4.10 betas, we won’t have time to play with KDE 4.10 before the release of E17 turns our galaxy into a quasar! πŸ˜‰
    On a more serious note, have a most safe and enjoyable time in India Eric! πŸ™‚

  4. Mike Langdon (mlangdn)

    Have a good, safe and productive time!

  5. Niki Kovacs

    Bon voyage! Gute Reise! Have a nice trip!

  6. dolphin77

    Eric, have a nice time in India.

    PS my had became hot when I saw your above message about Slackware 14.9. But then I realized that it is just typing mistake πŸ™‚ No need for 14.x >= 14.0. Everything feels nice with your multilib set of packages, KDE, and a pile of Software which you prepared for all of us. Thanks for your input in Slackware.

  7. alienbob

    Hi dolphin77

    I have updated the post, it says “Slackware 14.0” now πŸ™‚ Did not want to cause heart failures…


  8. LoneStar

    Some days ago I have sent a mail to Patrick on udev-ng without even knowing you had written about it in here πŸ˜‰

  9. DEF

    Have a nice trip.

    Send Lennart Potter and his friends a postcard ;^)

  10. Sai Vinoba

    Welcome to India!

    Oh, how I wish I could be there to meet you. I live outside the country for work.

    Have a safe and successful trip.


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