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KDE releases 4.9.3

I was busy with other stuff and luckily I had already built my packages, but today the KDE team released the KDE Software Compilation 4.9.3 and I had to be reminded by reading Willy’s tweet about it. I have uploaded my new stuff and it is now available for download.

This is again a bugfix and improved stability release, so an upgrade from 4.9.2 should be painless. The translations have been improved as well. The release notes will have more details if you want to read them.

My packages are for Slackware 14 (and -current) and if you are still on 13.37 and want a more modern KDE, you’ll have a lot of work hunting down required updates for KDE dependencies… my advice is to upgrade to Slackware 14 now! And then grab my KDE 4.9.3 packages from my master repository or better, use one of the (faster) mirror servers, see below.

I have updated the guidelines for upgrading to this release of KDE in the accompanying README (some people wanted explicit instructions for downloading only the packages for the architecture they are running) and you are strongly advised to read and follow them.

Highlights for the new set of Slackware packages:

  • You will find five updated dependencies compared to Slackware’s own KDE 4.8.5: akonadi, qt, shared-desktop-ontologies, soprano, virtuoso-ose. The qt package is basically the same as Slackware 14, with some additional patches: I applied a patch which disables TLS compression by default which should safeguard against the “CRIME” SSL attack , and I applied a patch which is needed to fix crashes in kdevelop (QTBUG-27322 and QTBUG-23871).
  • The qt and akonadi packages have been refreshed since my previous KDE 4.9.2 package set.
  • I have added some upgrades to the “extragear” of KDE: you will find new versions of kdevelop and kdevplatform, as well as oxygen-gtk2.
  • I have added a new package, oxygen-gtk3, which should give any software which uses the GTK+3 widget set a nice integrated look and feel when you run it in KDE.
  • Compared to KDE 4.8.5, there were two package removals:
    • kdemultimedia has been split up into several smaller individual packages.
    • ksecrets has been removed completely in the 4.9.x series.

Download locations (using a mirror is preferred):

A word of warning… I have not yet installed and tested these packages myself 🙂 Please tell me about anything that is not right.

And to all US citizens, congratulations with the re-election of Barack Obama as your President.

Have fun! Eric



  1. MDK

    I’ve made a simple script to download Alien’s KDE packages. It uses rsync or lftp, at your choice.

    Hope this script can be useful for someone else as it’s for me :p

  2. jaycee

    Hey Eric! Thanks very much for all the updated KDE packages, and including oxygen-gtk3! Although I’ve said it many times, your thoughtful contributions to Slackware are always appreciated. 🙂
    I’m not sure if this would be an issue, but I noticed that lcms2 was updated in Slackware -current. Am I correct in saying that lcms2 is a KDE dependency? When I looked at the 14.0 changelog, it was added to Slackware when KDE was updated to version 4.8.2. If so, should KDE 4.9.3 users update it to version 2.4 in -current, or stay with version 2.3 in Slackware 14.0? According to the lcms2 2.4 changelog, it’s a feature release.

  3. gmg

    Thanks, Eric,

    all work fine here.


  4. StreamThreader


  5. Greg

    Thanks a lot for the packages.
    Is there any chance of adding libkgapi in next release?
    That package is needed in order to bring google down to your KDE desktop.

  6. alienbob

    Hi jaycee

    If you are running Slackware 14 (which is where I built these KDE packages) then there is no reason (yet) for you to upgrade lcms2.

    That new version of lcms2 will be needed for the next version of Calligra which will be added to Slackware-current at some future moment.


  7. escaflown

    Thanks Eric!

  8. jaycee

    Ah, I see. That makes sense – the Wikipedia page for lcms listed Krita as using it, and the Calligra packages were added to Slackware at the same time KDE was updated to 4.8.2. Thank you for the clarification (and, one more, everything) Eric! 🙂

  9. chrisretusn

    Upgraded from 4.9.2 to 4.9.3, so far all is well. Thanks!

  10. David

    Hi Eric,
    thanks for your work!

    After upgrading, I had an issue with KWallet: I was not able to open my existing wallet.
    I downgraded to 4.9.2 and now KWallet works well.
    Anyone has the same problem?

  11. Eduardo

    Thanks Eric!

  12. weput


    kwalet works fine on my end. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it is a straight forward update; you need to delete the ~/.kde folder and reconfigure.

    This update did enhanced some things on my little netbook that could. (asus 1005ha). It feels snappier.

  13. weput


    kwalet works fine on my end. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it is a straight forward update; you need to delete the ~/.kde folder and reconfigure.

    This update did enhanced some things on my little netbook that could. (asus 1005ha). It feels snappier.

  14. kkady32

    thanks,all work fine here,upgrade directly from 4.8.5

  15. dolphin77

    Hi, Eric,

    Thank you for your continuing work on kde builds for slackware. Appreciate that very much. Recently I found that my Android phone (after last system update from HTC) is not detected anymore as mass storage device, but is detected as MTP device instead. And KDE detect it as camera. Shouldn’t this be a right working workaround for that? :

  16. Matt

    dolphin77, I downloaded and compiled kio-mtp but all I get is a malformed url error when I try to use it to access my Nexus 7.

  17. dolphin77

    Yeh, looks like it hangs for some reason
    usb 2-1: usbfs: process 2479 (kio_mtp) did not claim interface 0 before use

    needs attention from someone who understand in programming\debugging better than I do.

  18. Tool

    Wow! 🙂 I’m going to get KDE 4.9.3 soon! Thanks for this info!

  19. Victor

    Thanks Eric! Great work! (=

  20. kabamaru

    Eric, thanks for this. 4.9.3 works even better than the stock one.

  21. repti

    Hi Eric,
    I have issue with file-max limit, coused by plasma-desktop process. Is there any fix for that?

  22. Alf

    KDE 4.9.3 does not obey geometry specifications, even after attempting to add them via “special windows settings” many times. When I add the geometry to an application, I expect it to be honored. I layout many “xterm” with geometry included.

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