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I can not believe you Americans fell for him


But I fear the same will happen here in four months.

It is a black day.


  1. Dmitri

    Total vote right should be restricted!

  2. Mike

    Well that result spoiled my dinner.;
    It’s an indictment of politics all over the world. ” If we’re going to be governed by wankers we should elect a “real” one.

  3. Esc

    You hysterical as woman

  4. Mike Langdon

    It was described as a primal scream that the liberal Hillary supporting media let out when they knew it was over.

    What does that say about the watchdogs of our freedoms?

    You can bet that Trump will never get that same pass.

    And what does that say about education across the world? It has to be nearly irrevocably broken for that many people worldwide to support Ms. Clinton.

    I feel the light is coming, so I must disagree that it is a black day.

    Give it a chance first – please.

  5. Skaendo

  6. alienbob

    Yeah Skaendo… don’t let me laugh. Did you really check out all those links? Do you see where most of them go to? The US of A is big in conspiracy theories. The inner counties must be full of loonies.
    After all, you did not go to the moon either.

    But, I did not mean for this article to become a discussion for or against the US political system. You got what many citizens probably needed – a strong leader who will take all the ugly decisions for you. Unfortunately the USA has a world wide geopolitical influence and that is not going down well. Trump’s statements on foreign politics showed he really has no clue what happens outside his country.

  7. A dark day

    This is a dark day. The man is dangerous, plain and simple. Not just for the US itself, but for the whole world.

  8. MDK

    This is not being a great year in Brazil either :/

  9. The Flash

    Yeah as an American, I’m disappointed in my country.

  10. Jen

    Yep, it is a dark day. He lost the popular vote by 146,101. Somewhat comforting, in a way. Trying to grasp onto what hope there is, because honestly I’m scared sick for friends and family.

  11. Kemal

    As a citizen of Turkey I can’t tell you how happy I am that Hillary lost. She is no different -if not worse- than Bush. Enough of their Assad-must-go warmongering and lets-bring-democracy campaigns in the Middle East. For decades they have supported radical Islamists (first against the USSR, then almost everywhere) to redesign countries. Their “freedom fighters” (remember Rambo?) were mostly trained/educated by the Salafis from their beloved ally, the Saudi kingdom.

    Not just the armed fighters, their political extensions have been openly supported by these guys using all possible means. For years I watched how the support from the US and EU paved the way for the likes of Erdogan in my once secular country, how radical Islamism crept into every institution, how the journalists, judges, politicians resisting to this takeover were assassinated or “neutralized”. And finally we are now living under a Islamo-fascist dictatorship.

    This Salafi ideology has contaminated the entire Muslim world, except the Shiites (Iran etc.). My hope is that Trump will finally cut support to these freaks and we will have a chance to recover. Else I can only expect more wars, more terror and the strengthening of an infinitely pervert, freakish regime over here. You guys outside really can have no idea of the insanity going on in Turkey.

    Besides, I don’t believe that Trump can be as evil as the mainstream media propaganda suggests. The negative biased coverage is understandable, given where the MSM interests lie. In this election they threw everything they could at Trump, even playing the “Russians’ man” card, probably a first since the days of McCarthy. This is the same media who misled the public about Brexit, the very same media who still keeps presenting religious extremists as moderates. Given the nature of his business (and now his position as president), I find it illogical that Trump will resort to racist practices during his term. Even if he were some sort of racist in his heart, he is definitely smart enough not to act like one and ruin everything.

    As for the Americans: This is the first president in many years who understands that you can’t keep a strong economy running on neo-liberal financial bubble policies. The real, long-term power and social stability comes from actual production at home. I expect that the Americans will appreciate Trump’s policies sooner or later, provided he does what he promised.

  12. John

    No one fell
    We chose the man
    God save the queen
    You people do not understand the American working class. Obama had us up against a wall
    Wages are down
    Savings have disappeared
    It was beginning to seem hopeless
    We cannot support the whole world
    It is time you stand on your own two feet

  13. Ryan

    This is a truly sad day. The Internet as a vehicle of free speech and prosperity is doomed, at least for America.

  14. Gary


    So all of EU fears that Trumps selection is dark. Well, I feel as an American that we will now have someone who doesn’t play with the PC crowd let alone the Washington insiders.

    Thankfully, we Americans do not have to listen to the PC liberals in the EU. We are going to start trading as a businessman would trade not as a professional politician.

    Welcome to the world from the ‘Art of the Deal’ politics by a professional business man and not someone who would show disservice to their country instead for the political correct world. The dynamics will decide how things are negotiated and not by the PC crowd.

    May the sun shine on your darkness! The transition will decide how things go and not by the EU or anyone else but by our democracy led nation.

    Show me otherwise if you must but EU and the rest of the world should understand that they will not control our destiny.

    Communication between all will decide how things will go. Keep your negatives and darkness since some feel that Trump will be a problem for the world’s state. We are going to be open for business that will help our countries union and hopefully others will get on board and not be close minded.

    Our path will depend on the democracy of our new leaders that were selected by the voters and not by the swampers of Washington.

    Term Limits are a must! Citizen Politician are the way to go, so Go Trump. Make America Great again!


  15. Tatiana Winter

    We didn’t all fall for him, Eric. In fact, Hilary Clinton will most likely win the popular vote. On top of that, many–maybe most–votes for Trump were really just votes against Clinton. She is a terrible candidate: lying, corrupt, and generally morally bankrupt. Americans have read about how she laughed at defending the guilty rapist of a 12 year old, how she has lied over and over again in the numerous investigations of corruption centered around her over the past two decades, how her own secret service men consider the Clintons utterly contemptible and dangerous to the future of our country so much that they would break the oaths of their office to warn us about her. Americans simply don’t trust her, and with good reason.

    Trump, on the other hand, is at least honest. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote for him (COULD never) and I am afraid he is dangerous. I’m terrified right now. But I understand. We had no good choice here.

    I wish the Democratic primaries had turned out differently, because if we had had another option against Trump, I don’t think this would have happened. I blame the Democrats for nominating her. I myself am a republican.

    This is a scary day for our country. Things are happening here that we have never seen before. I’m glad I live in Alaska.

  16. wolfie

    Why are you so sure this was a bad choice? Media presented Trump as a monster, but compared with what was the alternative, Trump was only way to go. Sad, but true. At least he doesn’t have blood on his hands as some of his predecessors and their overambitious wives. I would like to see what he really is, through his actions, not falling for what would corrupted media wanted me to fall for.

  17. Skaendo

    Please don’t hate or judge us/me for our decision.

    I look up to you a great deal for what you do for the Slackware and Linux community.

    I would love to have a conversation with you and talk about this to hear your opinions and views, in a civilized conversation. Feel free to email me or I am on qTox (same email).

    If not, I understand that too. I just hope that you will give it a chance and wait and see.

  18. Janis

    Nothing new, some 10-15 (do not remember, I m not participating in that circus) years ago the same did happen in Latvia – the ones, who thought to be the most powerful party before elections, got barely few places of 100 in parliament.
    Too big reliance on the old hogwash.

  19. Eugene

    No one fell for him. We were dealt a bad hand and we had to play one card that would block the other. We know Trump has no political history but he can only do better when compared to the one with the worst track record in history. The democratic party should be ashamed for even thinking a traitor could even run for this office.

  20. Amit

    Talking to some friends and co-workers (not a USAian myself), there were many good and valid reasons to pick him. Yes he is a loudmouth but the USA is governed in a large part as a technocracy, where the president leads in spirit and tone. Hillary offered little to nothing when it comes to a change that so many blue collar voters wanted. Trump brings a change, it could be a change for good or bad but the system is stuck and needs a shake. Plus the team that Trump is bringing on board with him seemed to some people I talked to to be much preferable.
    @Eric I think I understand why you wrote what you did, but IMO saying that “the end is nigh” is misreading the picture.

  21. Niki Kovacs

    Nations seem to be regressing one by one to a sadistic or otherwise perverted parent. This is sad.

  22. Niki Kovacs

    Talking about “the team Trump is bringing on board with him”, the new vice-president is a creationist who believes it’s possible to electrocute the homosexuality out of gay people. Welcome to the Dark Side of the Force.

  23. alienbob

    I find it utterly scary that the new president of the USA does not believe that global warming is a reality, and that he threatens to use nukes to get rid of ISIS. He is abusive toward minorities, is respectless to people who think differently, threatens to kill off all the changes that Obama did manage to make despite the 8 years of utter sabotage by the GOP.
    And those are only a few of the statements with which he scares the crap out of me. He revels in the attention he gets from Putin and thinks Russia is more important to him than Europe. And he indulges in the white supremacist praise and retweets their posts. It is significant that his election gets praise only from European exremist right-wing movements.
    Sure, he will bring change. Many people have a feeling that they are not heard by the regular political parties and voted in protest to that, or in fear or frustration, or just because they believe Trump when he says – without a formal plan to back it – that he will make the lives of all citizens better.
    But mark my words, there are more populists who were elected democratically (not that the US is a true democracy when someone who has won the popular vote can still lose the election) and then proceeded to change their country into a dictatorship. Mussolini, Hitler, Erdogan to name but a few. I consider Trump to be in their league.
    I pity you all. You have allowed the GOP to become a festering nest of power-hungry assholes, and many allowed themselves to be fed by the lies on FOX channels. The GOP has not made one positive contribution to the USA in decades, and has threatened the country with a government debt default year upon year. The GOP operates at stellar distance from the citizens it’s supposed to serve, and Trump’s election is the symptom of this faulting GOP attitude.
    I see it happening in my mind’s eye that the USA will fall back to what it was in the 50’s of last centuries. Dark, nasty, unforgiving.

    Now, you may have already concluded that I am far more “lefty” than the average American citizen is comfortable with. That is correct. But, there is no politics in my work on Open Source Software and in the development of Slackware Linux. Think what you will of me, and I have my thoughts about those who reply here, but basically I do not care about your personal convictions. They are yours and I am not going to try and change them. You can still enjoy my packages, my scripts, my documentation, my other efforts even though I am an anarchist asshole from old Europe.

    • Eugene

      Obama accomplishments? Like making health care unaffordable for the majority of Americans? Hillery claimed it was her idea and it’s a failure. We could not survive 4 more years of it.

  24. Gary


    You have your views and I will have mine as to how the USA will manage it’s future. I am fine with someone like Trump who will not be swayed by public opinion but will use close advisors to help manage our destiny.

    The election awakened a sleeping giant of people who are tired of the way things are being done and the results of a left management of our country. We need to stop being the force that will jump into any fight to stop a problem that EU refuses to manage. Sure, we are responsible for a lot of the turmoil that is now going on but that is attributed to the current administrations for announcing our intents and leaving areas that we once controlled and left an open to extremists that have managed to acquire monies from so called allies to kill, maim anyone in their path.

    We do not want the problems of EU or the Mideast to erode our economy any longer. Your damaging trade deals will not be allowed to come across or fool someone who is aware of your techniques.

    Eric, I respect your abilities as a very well qualified developer for the Open Source community and do appreciate your contributions. Especially too Slackware!

    It does surprise me as to your slant or political views towards the USA. We are democracy and thankfully our fore fathers had the sense to setup the electoral college so we have a true balance of power within our political system. This is not the first time the popular vote did not select the office of president. It has happened several times in our past.

    I really do not know or care to know how your systems work in the EU. Wonder why Britain left the EU?? Something wrong with the EU??

    I agree that we can agree on one thing and that is the future of Slackware Linux and how we can keep the distribution strong through time.


  25. escaflow23

    @Niki Kovaks: What’s wrong with being a creationist?

  26. The Flash

    @escaflow23 creationism is a lie that has been disproven with solid scientific evidence

  27. Niki Kovacs

    @Eric: full ack on your previous post. Looks like we’re 100% on the same wavelength politically speaking. BTW, you can include hungarian leader Viktor Orban in your list of democratically elected dictators.

    @escaflow23: I do believe in a goddess, and she looks like Naomi Watts. :o)

  28. escaflow23

    @The Flash: Science is not involved in the same domain as Creationism. Science tries to find the how of things (for example the evolution theory) while creationism deals with the Why. Disproving Creationism is the domain of meta-physics. I’m not aware of any solid scientific evidence disproving creationism.

    @Nikki Kovacs: Thanks. That explained a lot.

  29. Niki Kovacs

    @escaflow23: Epistemology deals with the why, not creationism.

  30. escaflow23

    @ Niki Kovacs:

    epistemology: the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion

    metaphysics: the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.

  31. Ralf

    The USA are no democracy, but an oligarchy. The election campaigns of almost all figures in the political theatre are financed by donations from a few super rich families and big companies.

    Who ever gets donations (not only the presidential candidates, but all members of congress, senate and the state parliaments) is expected to behave “the right way” when the got elected.

    And as the super rich donate to republicans AND democrats, they always win. Even multi millionaire Trump did not pay for his campaign himself – so he also has to deliver. And if he doesn’t, he will have no backup from his republican congressmen and end as a lame duck.

    The folks that hoped on him to change a system that is totally fucked up, will get more of the same.

  32. Beak

    It is not a ‘black day’, you mean ‘white day’.
    ; – )

  33. Gerald Morris

    Eric, I deeply sympathize with you and every sane human on this planet. Americans are an inherently pathological, evil, poisonous mob, rooted in Calvinism. Only armed U.N. troops deployed on North American soil will stop the criminal psychosis called the “United States of America.” Nothing less will do. Its been my HIDEOUS misfortune to have been born among this mob, and to have lived, trapped here for 54+ years of terror.

  34. Gary


    U.N. troops on American soil will never happen. U.N. tried an attempt to control our 2nd amendment rights and that failed. If you feel trapped here then get a one way ticket to the better country of your choice. Where else can you present your liberal opinion(S) freely?

    You and the Hollywood elite that threatened they would leave if ever Trump was elected are still anchored in their money pit world called California. Your liberal views and attitudes have been in the White house the last eight years of debt producing apologetic sense and the American people Along with constitutional law are evicting the liberals.

    Mob? Sure does show your slighted liberal infected mind! I suppose you are a CNN and MSNBC indoctrinated person with no sense of patriotism. Or even understanding our history here in the U.S. 54 years and still closed minded prejudiced opinions indoctrinated by the liberal left safe zone driven society.

    Hope you find your safe zone!

    Make America Great again! I am sure you will find something wrong with my opinions from your liberal perspective.

    From a American Veteran who thinks you have the right to speak but you are not speaking truths but liberal crap. I believe in our constitutional American rights and have defended the country in order for all to have that right from a living document which provides rights to all Americans. Maybe you should actually read;

    BTW, the 12th amendment pertaining to the electoral college prevents problems with our President & vice-President elections;

    As to your Calvinism tag, we Americans do have the rights to think openly and freely presented thoughts without fear.
    Just as you have the right to your opinions, I have the rights to defend mine to a liberal like you. It’s odd that you seem to associate as a sane person yet have such a low opinion of fellow Americans and their rights.

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