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Covert spam

I run this blog without the illusion that it will make me any money. But I know there are many people trying to make a good amount of cash by maintaining a “popular” blog. What defines popular? Having a lot of “backlinks” i.e. other sites refferring to (linking to) your blog is a measure of how popular you are. Being popular creates income – a small percentage of visitors are likely to click through on advertisements on your site. The more visitors you get, the bigger the cash flow.

It seems that it is becoming more fashionable for other bloggers to actively work on increasing their own blog’s  popularity. How they do that? Simple: by visiting other blogs and leaving a comment there which contains a link to their own blog… thus creating these highly desired backlinks themselves.

I have found several of these comments on my own blog, and I will delete such postings if if I think they were only added here to generate income for that other web site. I hate doing this, but hey, come on!



  1. r00m

    Good idea! Haven’t thought about it in such angle. I guess Ill do the same from now on.

  2. anonimous

    I think this is how blog is functioning they put coments here and is feasable to put your comments there , and increase visitors on non linux world population to slackware 🙁 not hiden intentions just mutual benifit

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