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Blog maintenance

I took the opportunity to upgrade my blog software to the latest release of WordPress. As usual, the upgrade was a careful but straight-forward process with no hidden traps.

I use a special plugin, “Maintenance Mode” which shows a maintenance notice during the upgrade so that I could work without feeling the pressure.


No idea if you can spot the difference, but the admin backend sure changed!



  1. steve dray

    there is a download of Descension here if you never got it

  2. alienbob

    Hey Steve

    Cool! Nice of you to visit again, and especially my gratitude for this download link. Not many artists feel comfortable about places where their works of art can be downloaded. I’ll have a go at it and I am sure that it will sound better than the digitized rip I made from my own vinyl copy.

    I was reading about the (lack of) progress on your new album – what are you lacking? Money? Hardware? Software? Hope you will figure it out, so that I can pay back by buying the CD.
    If it is studio software and there is a need for Linux knowledge then I can contribute even earlier 😉

    Cheers, Eric

  3. Adrian @ be the top of google . com

    Bookmarked for future reference 🙂

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