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Updates for LibreOffice, Pale Moon, Flash

I have some updates for you while I am working on a new Plasma5 package set.

The LibreOffice packages were uploaded to my repository last Friday, so you probably already have that installed. Never hurts to mention it for those people who did not subscribe to my RSS feed.

Here is a screenshot of the upcoming Plasma5 desktop release, to keep you sharp:


Have fun! Eric


  1. gauchao

    Thank you Eric. As usual, everything is working smoothly.

  2. Alex

    +1 to gauchao’s post, thanks a lot!
    Just one question/remark regarding localisation. Up to now I thought US English was the default language and would be used as the fallback language when the selected locale is incomplete and doesn’t have a translation. Now, instead of US English, your Plasma distribution seems to use Dutch language instead. 😉

    It’s actually harder to describe than to reproduce, so here are the steps.

    1. Log in to KDE.
    2. Start System Settings.
    3. Select preferred language(s) in the locale settings, e. g. German at the top and British English as a second preferred language (note: don’t include US English with the list, please!).
    4. System Settings > Multimedia > Audio and Video takes you to the Phonon configuration screen with the following tabs: Gerätepriorität, Einrichtung der Audio-Hardware, Hülpprogramm.
    Now, I don’t speak Dutch, but assume Hülpprogramm is a Dutch word, right? 😉 It’s definitely neither German nor English.
    5. Now add US English to the list of preferred languages and come back to the Phonon settings afterwards. Funny: everything is perfectly localised in German language. The tabs are named Gerätepriorität, Einrichtung der Audio-Hardware,
    Backend. In case you wonder: We use the English term Backend in German, because there is no good, accurate translation for it.

    So with US English added as a preferred language, the German locale is complete. Without it, Dutch appears to be used as the fallback language.

    Could this be related to some specifics in your build process, or is this KDE default?

    Note: It’s no problem or bug, at all, just a bit odd, and as I know, how to fix it, I am asking just out of curiosity.

    Thanks again for another great effort!


  3. Alex

    Hi Eric,
    I just noticed that my comment appears at the wrong blog post — can you move it to your recent Plasma 5 (KDE 5_17.10) announcement? Thanks and sorry…


  4. alienbob

    Unfortunately I can not move comments to another post.
    What you experience is not my doing. The word is not dutch, it is Niederdeutsch for which the language code is “nds”:

    For some reason, your “Deutch” localization setting is triggering the use of “Niederdeutsch” whenever a german translation is unavailable.
    Best is to create a bug report for this in the KDE Bug Tracker.

  5. Alex


    The package G-ANT(Groovy ANT) is missingin Slackware packages…

    Can you add this please?

  6. alienbob

    Alex – not interested. Perhaps you can create a SlackBuild yourself and contribute to the project?

  7. Alex

    Niederdeutsch, aka Plattdeutsch? I would never have guessed that. Thanks for tracking this down. I’ll open a bug report upstream, as you suggest (next weekend — until then I’ll be very busy).

  8. Chris


    Would you mind letting me know how you get “About System” to display “Slackware current”? I’m running current myself, but “About System” reports “Slackware 14.2”.


  9. alienbob

    Chris I cheated.
    I edited the “/etc/os-release” file and changed all “14.2” to “current”. For the “About System” dialog, the VERSION line in that file is the only one that matters.
    You need to restart Plasma to effectuate that edit.

    • Chris

      Thanks, Eric! I figured it was a cheat, but I’ll take it 🙂

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