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Updated glibc multilib packages for Slackware 14-rc4

Hi folks

Another Release Candidate for Slackware 14… and that again brings a patched glibc package. I have updated my multilib version of glibc in my own repositoy ( or any of the usual mirrors.

Also note that IcedTea 2.3.2 was released in quick succession to the version 2.3.1 which fixed a critical flaw in OpenJDK7. I am sure that there are more fixes for more flaws in this new update, but I will have to investigate and then build you some new goodies.

Just now that I wanted to start compiling KDE 4.9.1. For that, at least I have time until wednesday when the new KDE will be officially announced.



  1. Gabriel Yong

    In order to update to the newer multilib version of glibc, do i need to re-Enabling multilib as what you lay out here as what i did at the begining?)

    What is the correct way to do the updates? Thank you.

  2. SeB

    To update the multilib, you can use these tools:

    Use the first to update the glibc and gcc multilib packages, and the 2nd to update the 32 bit layer(*compat32 packages).



  3. Gabriel Yong

    Thank you SeB, very kind of you for being informative. i will read it through and get myself familiar.

  4. toudi

    it seems a shame if we already have stable kde 4.9.1 not to hold S14 for a week or two so latest kde can be included in it. After all we won’t see another slackware release for 14months or so..
    i know everyone can easily update it but some people won’t and kde is the most important part of the OS..

  5. alienbob

    toudi, Slackware will ship with KDE 4.8.5, not with any of the 4.9 series.
    For many people, KDE is not the most important part of Slackware. Plus, you can easily keep up to date using my ktown packages for KDE.



  6. big_bass

    Hey Alien Bob

    Wow I feel like a pain I know you are really a busy person so I wouldn’t post unless it would be of some help

    using this page

    I confirmed the md5sum of the 32 bit version of rc4
    and there is no source folder

    all went fine with the building of the USB


  7. alienbob

    Hi big_bass

    That ISO image is a working one, I create it “unofficially” and it does not contain any sources. That is how I can keep the size of the ISO to just above 2 GB instead of 4.5 GB.

    And without those sources, the extra/java symlink points into nowhere, breaking the script…


  8. big_bass

    Hey alienbob

    just a note I had to add /usr/lib/ to /etc/
    to get an app to compile just a heads up

    thank you for this rc4 with the updated KDE
    I don’t know if you want me to post things like this here or do you prefer a different place just want to offer some feedback while testing


  9. alienbob

    Well it your comment was related to the gcc multilib packages which were the subject of my post, then you’re welcome to post a comment here. For the more generic type of comment I have created a separate page,

    Cheers, Eric

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