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OpenJDK7 update 7 with IcedTea 2.3.2 fixes more flaws

It took a day for the developers to release a new version of IcedTea, fixing another three CVE’s (critical security bugs) in OpenJDK 7. New on the fix list are these security fixes:

Get my packages (Slackware 13,37 and newer) for OpenJDK 7u7_b30 here:

If you want a Java browset-plugin you should install icedtea-web (OpenJDK itself does not contain such a plugin). You will also need the rhino package which contains the JavaScript engine for OpenJDK.

I will repeat these notes:

  • You need to install either the JRE or the JDK package. Not both of them! If you are not a Java developer and never compile Java code, then you do not need the openjdk package and it will be sufficient to install the (much smaller) openjre package instead.
  • If you are migrating to OpenJDK after having used Oracle’s Java binaries, make sure that you have removed both “jre” and “jdk” packages. Run a command like “removepkg /var/log/packages/jdk-* ; removepkg /var/log/packages/jre-*” to get rid of both. Then install the openjdk or openjre package. Logout and log back in after this package removal/installation so that you will get the proper Java environment.
  • Test your java browser plugin online: or .

Good luck! Eric


  1. gauchao

    Thank you, Eric. Everything is working perfectly here (Slack 64 13.37).

  2. Thomas Løcke

    Thanks a lot Eric. These packages works a charm (Slackware64 -current).

  3. Bob Zowaki

    Thanks for the packages.

  4. chili

    Maybe I am confused, but at the beginning of the article you talk about a new version 2.3.2 of icedtea-web. But I only find version 1.2.1 on your mirrors?

  5. Jean-Francois Blavier

    Hi chili,

    IcedTea 2.3.2 is just a build harness for OpenJDK7. You want the resulting package produced by the build, e.g. “openjre-7u7_b30-i486-1alien.txz”

    icedtea-web is something else entirely: it is a plugin for web-browers.

  6. Jean-Francois Blavier

    Hi Eric,

    Just a note to say that “icedtea-web-1.3” was released Sept 5. These don’t get announced on

  7. Dimitris Tzemos

    Hi Eric.
    There is a bug in openjre and openjdk.
    /usr/bin/javaws don’ run.
    a link have to be created in folder /usr/lib64/java/ and /usr/lib/java/
    ln -sf jre/bin bin

    because in file /usr/bin/javaws at first line the JAVA=/usr/lib64/java/bin/java should be JAVA=/usr/lib64/java/jre/bin/java

    or for 32 bit

  8. alienbob

    Hi Dimitris

    Yeah I just noticed. The JRE package did not have this problem before… I tested this earlier.

    I’ll try to find ou what changed and fix this in the next package.

    Thanks, Eric

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