Update your Chromium to 93.0.4577.82

Today, I uploaded a set of Chromium 93.0.4577.82 packages for Slackware 14.2 and -current (32-bit as well as 64-bit).

According to yesterday’s official announcement on the Google blog, this release patches a number of vulnerabilites and two of them are zero-day vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited online.

The advice is to upgrade Chromium on your Slackware 14.2 and -current computers as soon as possible.

The ungoogled-chromium sources are lagging behind as usual, but I have hopes that a new source tarball will appear soon, now that we have a Chromium update which addresses multiple zero-days. Eloston, the project maintainer, seems AWOL but several contributors have a working patch set ready.

Stay safe! Eric

5 thoughts on “Update your Chromium to 93.0.4577.82

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  2. The x86 version of chromium 93.0.4577.82 package does not work.
    It crashes immediately on startup:
    Received signal 11 SEGV_MAPERR 000000000000
    #0 0x000004e550b0 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x4a4f0af)
    #1 0x000004db36c2 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x49ad6c1)
    #2 0x000004e54c64 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x4a4ec63)
    #3 0x0000b779cb4c ([vdso]+0xb4b)
    #4 0x0000066a56f8 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x629f6f7)
    #5 0x0000066ac15e (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x62a615d)
    #6 0x0000066abf52 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x62a5f51)
    #7 0x0000066abe37 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x62a5e36)
    #8 0x00000669aef8 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x6294ef7)
    #9 0x0000066995eb (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x62935ea)
    #10 0x000006699e23 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x6293e22)
    #11 0x000006697dc9 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x6291dc8)
    #12 0x0000048e369e (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x44dd69d)
    #13 0x00000491b793 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x4515792)
    #14 0x00000491bd59 (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x4515d58)
    #15 0x00000491c9ae (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x45169ad)
    #16 0x00000491a0df (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x45140de)
    #17 0x00000491aabb (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x4514aba)
    #18 0x00000179773e ChromeMain
    #19 0x00000179761f (/usr/lib/chromium/chromium+0x139161e)
    #20 0x0000b69ab697 __libc_start_main
    gs: 00000033 fs: 00000000 es: 0000007b ds: 0000007b
    edi: bfb2f630 esi: 0c22d5b4 ebp: bfb2f608 esp: bfb2f5f0
    ebx: 0a986f88 edx: 00000000 ecx: 0a745fe4 eax: 00000000
    trp: 0000000e err: 00000004 ip: 066a551a cs: 00000073
    efl: 00210216 usp: bfb2f5f0 ss: 0000007b
    [end of stack trace]
    Last working package 89.0.4389.114
    Thanks, david

    1. You should subscribe to the RSS feed of my package ChangeLog. It’s even shown on the every page of this blog, in a WordPress widget half-way the right column.
      The changelog for Chromium reads (and has been reading like this since version 90):

      The 32bit package of Chromium 93.x still crashes on 14.2 and -current,
      unless you add ‘–disable-seccomp-filter-sandbox’ as startup parameter.

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