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I am hiring (ASML Veldhoven Netherlands)

As you may know, I am working at ASML since 2016, first in a technical IT role but nowadays as an IT Group Leader focusing on providing services and solutions in Virtual Product Development (VPD) and Engineering Simulation (simulation driven design) toward our internal customers (mechanical and optical engineering, and research).

ASML is an exciting company to work for, and the amount of work we do is rapidly expanding as a result of the pandemic and the resulting increase in demand for consumer electronics and computer chips. As a company we are at the forefront of lithography innovation with our EUV machines (Extreme Ultra Violet laser powered).
See this one-minute intro video for instance:

To keep up the pace with the ever increasing demands from our ASML Research and Engineering colleagues, I have been growing the IT teams that report to me. I hired quite a lot of people during the past two years that I have been in the manager seat, and I am now hiring again!
I am also posting here on my blog because it is becoming more challenging every year to find the right people within a reasonable time.

Specifically: I have a job opening for an “IT Infra Automation & Integration Expert“. This job is located at ASML HQ, Veldhoven, The Netherlands. Note that you’d have to move to the Netherlands if you are interested and want to apply.
We are looking for a new colleague in the “SIMS” team of our IT Agile Release Train “Engineering Simulation Services”. This IT ART delivers a Simulation Workplace to our internal customers who are in Mechanical and Optical Engineering as well as Research departments.
See the online profile for all the job details. Feel free to ask below in the comments section about further background info.

Hope this is of interest to someone!


  1. Gustavo Brondani Schenkel

    Nice, I will check the online profile, maybe I can fit in some not Expert job. Right now I am building a GitLab pipeline for test, staging, deploy JCL into Mainframe. Testing it all on my HomeLab, using Hercules Emulator + MVS for runs the jobs. 😛

  2. Guest User

    Guessing ASML might be sounding a tiny bit more familiar to the techno-philos after a few more articles like these 🙂

    • alienbob

      Yes we at ASML had a lot of fun when reading this BBC article back in October 2020: where they called us “a relatively obscure Dutch company – ASML”. We are indeed the most vitally important company on earth that no one knows about.
      The ASML shop sells a sweater to its employees now with that sentence as an in-your-face statement:

      If we stop innovating at ASML, the world of technology will be severely impacted, and that is not boasting.

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