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This week focuses on Slackware 14.2 packages

The admins over there at have updated their version of the Qt5 build script (targeting Slackware 14.2) to 5.9.6, i.e. the latest version of the Long Term Support (LTS) for Qt5.
That triggered me to provide the same service for my own package repository targeting Slackware 14.2. Since more and more software is depending on Qt5, a lot of people will have some qt5 package installed, either built from the SBo script or installed from my repository. In order to minimize breakage, I think it is good if SBo’s and mine are the same version so that it should not matter which one you have installed.

So, I did a chained upgrade: libwacom (0.31), libinput (1.7.3), libxkbcommon (0.8.2), qt5 (5.9.6) and qt5-webkit (5.9.1) in that order to take care of dependencies. The latest releases of these packages are now available for Slackware 14.2. Note that for the 32bit Slackware 14.2, the libwacom package is a new dependency for both libinput and qt5. My repository contained a pretty old 32bit qt5 package (5.7.0) which was not built against libwacom.

I did not look too hard, but I found one package that was broken after these updates: the calibre package. So I updated that too for Slackware 14.2 (to version 3.32.0). A package for slackware-current will follow soon, but first I want to continue with some more overdue package updates for Slackware 14.2. LibreOffice is the next one on the list (6.1.2) and it is currently compiling on the 32bit OS; the 64bit packages are already done.

I’ll have a look in the repository ChangeLog.txt to find what more needs to be done.
Stay posted! Eric


  1. Tyler

    Eric, thank you as always for your efforts. Will these updates also show up in ktown, or just the alienbob repo for 14.2?

  2. alienbob

    Tyler I do not support Slackware 14.2 anymore on ktown.
    The Plasma5 development for Slackware focuses on Slackware-current exclusively. And I have qt5 5.11.2 in there.

  3. Jen

    Doesn’t seem to be anything out of place or not working on my end. Thanks!

  4. Didier Spaier

    Thanks Eric for the update of Calibre and its dependencies!

    This will help a blind user to convert e-books, cf.

  5. Brian

    Thanks for all your hard work. I think the pkg needs recompiled. lvm-7.0.0 was added to current on on September 21. I have been unable to get libreoffice to work on my fresh current install. Thanks a bunch.

  6. alienbob

    Brian, both the 32bit and the 64bit libreoffice-6.1.0 packages for Slackware-current work perfectly with that latest llvm installed.
    I tested the 64bit package on my own laptop and the 32bit package in a clean 32bit Slackwaree-current VM.
    I have no idea what you are running into but it has nothing to do with libreoffice.

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