Slackware multilib updates to match the changes in slackware-current

There was yet another update of slackware-current today. The 150+ lines of ChangeLog.txt are not as massive as previous updates but still, lots of polishing and under-the-hood improvements, a couple of security updates (bindcups-filters, libpng, mozilla-firefox and openssl), two new packages (libtirpc and rpcbind) to replace the removed portmap package; a fresh version of the GCC compiler suite (5.3.0) and a new Linux kernel (4.1.15).

This triggered a matching update to the multilib version of the gcc packages for slackware-current, as well as the set of “compat32” packages for those who are running a 64bit Slackware multilib computer and need to compile or run 32bit programs.

I’ll be working on refreshed ISOs for my Slackware Live Edition, but you’ll have to be patient. A couple more days and I will have a lot more free time. New Plasma 5 packages are awaiting too.

Official download locations for multilib on slackware-current:

Have fun! Eric

8 thoughts on “Slackware multilib updates to match the changes in slackware-current

  1. Thanks, Eric! One question. I went to build a 32-bit PAM library the other day and found that I needed to make a compat32 package for libtirpc first in order to build it. I’m not sure what your policy is on what libraries get multilib packages typically, but should there be a libtirpic-compat32 in the -current multilib installation?



  2. I have a package glibc-zoneinfo-2015g_multilib-noarch-1alien.txz installed.
    Now with the new glibc…….-3alien.txz batch of packages there is not such glibc-zoneinfo-2015g_multilib-noarch-3alien.txz a package. Should I leave the previous package or should I replace it with the package glibc-zoneinfo-2015g-noarch-2.txz from Slackware current?
    This might be a dumb question, but I wondered if it has any implications?

  3. Hi Todor, if you are using my packages it will pay off if you follow my written updates.
    The multilib ChangeLog entry of “Fri Dec 18 14:57:29 UTC 2015” states:

    current/glibc-zoneinfo: Removed. The Slackware package is multilib-agnostic and is now built using a separate SlackBuild script anyway. Please install the Slackware version of glibc-zoneinfo.

    The RSS feed of this ChangeLog (Alien’s multilib packages) is available in the right column of this blog. You may want to subscribe to it.

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