September updates for Adobe Flash

adobe_flash_8s600x600_2 Actually… this time “patch tuesday” came on monday for Adobe’s Flash player plugin. The company released a bulletin for updated Flash player plugins yesterday and I had my packages up in the repository before the end of monday. It was the end of a busy day that started at 03:45 no thanks to an eager TCS escalation manager who called me twice for no good reason, so I did not have energy left to write a blog post in the evening.

This post puts an end to that hiatus: I can now point you to my Slackware packages for chromium-pepperflash-plugin (to be used together with my chromium browser package) which moved up to version, while the flashplayer-plugin (for Mozilla-compatible browsers) got incremented to

The main download locations for the Flash plugin packages are as always:

If you are using the slackpkg+ extension for slackpkg, then you just run “slackpkg update && slackpkg update flash”. Alternatively, you can subscribe to my repository RSS feed to stay informed of any updates.


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