Second release candidate for KDE 4.5

The KDE team is relentless. There was a 4.4.5 release very recently, and the first release candidate for the upcoming 4.5 is not that old yet.

Still, already we have the next installment (and it was announced on the dot so fast that I was not able to finish compiling my packages in time)… the second release candidate of KDE Software Compilation 4.5!

The packages which I created for Slackware 13.1 (32-bit as well as 64-bit) are available in my ktown repository. Do not forget to check out and update the “dependencies” (non-KDE packages), Qt being the largest of those. Qt 4.6.3 is supposed to fix a few bugs that affect KDE’s plasma desktop. Yes, this time you really get qt-4.6.3… my initial mix-up  when I released packages for kde-4.4.5 has been resolved.

You will find the updated dependencies in the “deps” directory. These are the same packages as the ones I uploaded together with my KDE 4.4.5 packages – only the “libdbusmenu-qt” package is new – so that the transition should be easy.

The 4.5-rc2 packages are accompanied by a README which explains the straight-forward  installation/upgrade steps.

Target for the final release of KDE 4.5 is still august, 2010.

Enjoy! Eric

21 thoughts on “Second release candidate for KDE 4.5

  1. I didn’t find kdepim and kdepim-runtime. Should packages from rc1 be used, or I missed something?


  2. sorry, my mistake. It is not included in rc1,2. Will use packages from 4.4.5.

    Thank you Eric. I’ve updated to rc2. It looks more solid than rc1. Will stick to it for a while.

  3. @Willy –

    I am keeping the old directories with just a README inside so that all the links in other posts don’t end in “page not found” errors.

    Cheers, Eric

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  5. Finished the upgrade this morning, and found kde locked solid. I had to rename the old .kde directory and start fresh. Now all seems to be fine. I’m getting lazy – I hate to re-configure settings! I’m going to give the search indexer a fair chance this time as well.

  6. The search indexer has been running for several hours. How long does this thing take? If it is still indexing on Sunday morning, it is history. That will mean its been running for over 24 hours.

  7. I disabled Strigi. It was still indexing after 32 hours. Even Vista isn’t that slow. I even went back into the configuration and unselected a lot of directories I shouldn’t need indexed. Now my cpu fans are quiet again.

  8. Awesome. This is indeed very stable rc. I switched to it and do not want to come back. The only issue I had is when my laptop is disconnected from AC, brigtness goes down as it should, but on resore of power supply it remains “dark”. Removal of package guidance-power solved this problem. I assume that there was a conflict on power management with this package. Thus my question is – is it depricated package, or I missed something?

  9. I d/led these packages yesterday, & this morning did a new full install of 13.1 on my laptop, using these instead of the standard packages. I am impressed, favorably this time. The only problem I had was that kdesu does not work at all. for example, if i enter “kdesu kwrite” at the CLI, after the cursor obeys the CR, nothing happens until I enter Ctrl-C, to get a prompt back. I tried “kdesu dbus-launch kwrite”, but same results. Just to see if it would work, I installed ktsuss, from SBo, & it worked fine, although it took “ktsuss dbus-launch kwrite” & “ktsuss dbus-launch dolphin”. Lots of warnings if run from the CLI, but works fine when set up in the menu.

  10. Sorry about the multiple posts, the board was telling me I had entered an invalid code, but taking my posts anyway

  11. @TSquaredF –
    Yes, these multiple posts caused by false error messages happen to more people, particularly it looks like this happens if there are “” characters in the post. Never mind, I’ll delete the double posts, thanks for your feedback.

    I have no problems at all using kdesu here (KDE 4.4-rc2). When you run “kdesu kwrite” in an X-term or konsole, it logs a lot of how it is calling “/bin/su” to the standard output. Is there anything relevant in that output text that helps you find the cause?
    I have a “/etc/suauth” file which configures the use of “su” on my system, it has these lines:

    root:ALL EXCEPT GROUP wheel:DENY

    This “/etc/suauth” file denies anyone to use “su” in order to become root, unless the account is in the “weel” group (my own account is in the “wheel” group of course) and allows the account “alien” (me) to use my own password to become root.


  12. Thanks, Eric.
    The suauth file fixed that problem. I am not sure why it did not get installed, but it works. I have not been very happy with KDE4 to this point, but really like this release.

  13. Hi,

    just my 2 cents – for some reason rendering performance of regular apps (Firefox, opening application menus and especially browsing files with Krusader) was *really* sluggish since last Qt upgrade. It appears nVidia proprietry driver sometimes doesn’t get along with Qt4. I switched to raster rendering and it works like a charm for me.

    If you want to try it, run:
    kquitapp plasma-desktop && plasma-desktop –graphicssystem raster

    …and add –graphicssystem raster to “kwrapper4 ksmserver $KDEWM” line in /usr/bin/kdestart if you want to make thing permanent. It can also be set on configure line when building Qt to make it default.

    Otherwise 4.5RC2 seems pretty stable to me.


  14. Just got around to doing the upgrade on my 64 bit multilib
    box. so far so good…nice and smooth. Kde really is progressing nicely Again…nice stuff Eric.

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