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Miscellaneous packages (vlc,wine,wiipresent)


Just a quick message before I hit the bed,

I uploaded some Slackware packages for your consumption.

  • vlc – the new stable release 1.1.1 became available for download today and my packages are now ready to be grabbed at (this UK mirror hosts the packages with export restrictions – they contain mp3 and aac audio encoders) or . Several bugs got fixed and features added. See the VLC ChangeLog for details.
  • wiipresent – this package needed a rebuild (actually the supporting libwiimote needed a rebuild) because of the updated BlueZ stack in Slackware 13.1.
    I use the wiipresent software for presentations (duh)… It allows me to use my son’s Wii controller (the wiimote) as a pointing/navigation device so that I can walk the stage comfortably.
  • wine – this was recently released in a stable 1.2 version, after lots and lots of release candidates. Please note that my wine packages will only run 32-bit Windows binaries. Even the package I created for Slackware64 ! If someone convinces me that it is worth the effort to add support for 64-bit Windows to my wine package, I will add that, but not before. Also note that wine on Slackware64 requires multilib. You could build wine on a pure 64-bit Slackware but then it would only run 64-bit Windows binaries. That is not what I chose to offer you.

I hope you enjoy these updates!



  1. BrunoRusso


    For now I had to install these two dependencies multlib


    Perhaps, these were two packages that were missing (multlib)

  2. alienbob

    Hm? Strange. The esound and libxml2 packages are converted automatically by the script for Slackware 13.1.

    How could you miss those?

    I uploaded them for convenience to


  3. spc

    Does anyone actually use wiimote as a mouse everyday replacement??

  4. Lysender

    Regarding the wine package: will it need dependency like fontforge and webcorefonts (based on SBo)?

    I already have them though.

  5. alienbob

    @Lysender –

    You do not need these packages. Fontforge is only required to _compile_ wine, but after the wine package has been created, fontforge is no longer needed.
    Perhaps installing the webcorefonts or other MS fonts will make your Windows applications look better, but even without those, there are several standard Windows-compatible TTF fonts that are installed along with wine (that is why you need fontforge – it “builds” those fonts).


  6. Tim

    It would be nice if you provide vlc binaries (latest version) for 13.0 !


  7. zbreaker

    Thanks for the packages Eric. Once again, you keep me a very happy slacker:)

  8. Ron P

    I just wanted to say thank you, I am running Wine on my Slackware 64 13.1 with your concise and clear directions, and multilib packages.


  9. Pentti.P

    Eric. You do great work,thanks !
    I’w just setup multilib–awesome 😉

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