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Package recompilation effort underway

alienHey folks! Two things recently happened to Slackware-current that you need to be aware of if you are using my Plasma5 packages from the ‘ktown‘ repository.

  1. libical was upgraded. The new shared library has a different version number, breaking several applications in my Plasma 5 package set. Mostly these are KDEPIM related.
  2. the openssl upgrade  dropped support for the obsolete OpenSSL SSLv2 protocol (by eliminating the ‘SSLv2_client_method’ symbol) in order to address the “DROWN” vulnerability. This broke applications that are linking against openssl using this symbol.

This means I have to recompile several packages; the PIM related ones are kcalcore, kcalutils, kblog, ktnef, kalarmcal, akonadi-calendar, kdepim-runtime, kdepim and kdepimlibs4 (I did kdepimlibs earlier this week). Packages linking to the removed SSLv2 symbol are qt5 and qca-qt5.

This will take some time on my trusty old build-box. The 64-bit PIM packages are done, Qt5 is compiling, qca-qt5 is next. Then I need to repeat for 32-bit and be aware that compiling Qt5 is quite a lengthy process… I won’t have new packages to upload until friday evening probably.

Then I intend to compile new Plasma 5.5.5 (just released, it’s the last in the 5.5 series) and generate new Slackware Live ISO images. Don’t stay up for those… will probably be on the other side of the weekend before you see those, because I need to test some updates to the liveslak scripts first.

Somewhere inbetween I should also take care of the new Chromium sources which were just released, addressing several vulnerabilities. By the way, this new 49.0.2623.75 release is the first where Google is only releasing 64-bit binaries for Linux, so I am afraid that at some point the 32-bit plugins I used to extract from the Chrome binaries (pepperflash and widevine plugins) will stop working for the 32-bit chromium packages which I will of course keep compiling for you. The most recent versions of these binary-only plugins remain in my repository until they break.


  1. Gérard Monpontet

    News kdepim, packages work perfectly, Eric 😉

  2. Gerald Morris

    GREAT job Eric! Kmail et al work perfectly now. didn’t even have to logout….

  3. LOE


    Eric, can you remove some packages from your repository for slackware-current ?
    At least this:

    There are new versions in Slackware.


  4. alienbob

    Hi LOE, yes I should do that. Will work on a repository update when I get home.

  5. Gérard Monpontet

    Curiously framework-5.20.0 is available, but no annouced, on

    compiled here work fine 😉

  6. alienbob

    The frameworks-5.20 release should be today, but in Europe the saturday still takes a couple of hours to finish.
    I already built the Frameworks 5.20 packages along with Plasma 5.5.5 and currently busy with Applications 15.12.3 which will be released next tuesday.
    Hopefully the new packages do not have major regressions (kscreenlocker in Plasma 5.5.5 sometimes fails to unlock the session and tells me to run “loginctl unlock-sessions” in a console.. stupid systemd dependency added by the devs somehow).

  7. Gérard Monpontet

    yes i confirm this problem.

  8. Fabio

    Hello Eric. I’ve the latest KDE installed (5.5.4) on my ultrabook with i5 cpu and Intel HD4000 VGA. But I’ve a very annoying problem: KDE go crazy to manage a secondary HDMI display. Not work anymore the auto switch when I connect the external hdmi video, I need to activate manually from control panel or from FN shortcuts on the keyboard. Then, the resolution management is a nightmare! I’m trying to work with two displays (in this manner each one maintain it’s own resolution) then I’ve configured different bars from each one. But every time that the external display It’s activated they don’t take care of the last configuration and, often, move or duplicate bars from a display to another. It’s only my fault or there is a bug on dual monitor support in the latest KDE framework? Thanks for all your awesome work!

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