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Today I want to raise your attention to a whole new level of “Open Source”.

Logo BrewDog, a UK brewery which soon celebrates its tenth anniversary, has decided to “open source” all of their 215 beer recipes. From their original and still extremely popular (and tasty) beer “PUNK IPA“, moving on to “Hops Kill Nazis“, “Doodlebug” and finally arriving at their latest “Jet Black Heart” which was first brewed last month (!)

Dubbed “DIY Dog“, the two founders have released a big PDF file containing the recipes of every beer the company ever created in their history, appropriately scaled down for 20 liter brewing volume – catering to their intended audience of home brewers.

And not just the recipes, but the PDF also contains an itemized list of the equipment you’ll need to brew like a pro and comes with lots of advice on the side.

Their blog says it all: “We have always loved the sharing of knowledge, expertise and passion in the craft beer community and we wanted to take that spirit of collaboration to the next level. So here it is. The keys to our kingdom. Every single BrewDog recipe, ever.

Way cool. A daring move which should be met with lots of respect.


  1. Tatiana Winter

    Wow. That is seriously awesome. Now they just need to have a contest where people take their recipes, adapt them, then send in samples of the results. The winner could have their beer produced by the factory and have a share of the profits. Way to go, guys!

  2. King Beowulf

    +1. But, if I start another hobby, my wife will beat me with a stick.

  3. alienbob

    King Beowulf, just buying & drinking their beer is also fine 😉

    Now that I have your attention… would you be willing to update the SlackBuild for nvidia-driver? There were some serious changes in 361.28 with respect to shipped libraries. I don’t know if you had noticed but I am using your SlackBuild scripts for the nvidia squashfs module in my Slackware Live Edition (Plasma5 and Mate variants).

  4. cameron

    Think free as in beer, not free beer.

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