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New server arrived in the post

The hardware I ordered for the new build server arrived today – all components assembled and tested.

I am too tired to connect and boot the thing, so all I provide today is a pic of the package.

Then I have a lot of installation and configuration work to do the next couple of days… so I should hope that the downtime maintenance weekend at the office is going to be canceled.


  1. Richard Herbert

    Have fun, Eric! Don’t forget to come up for air every few hours. 😉

  2. fabio

    congrats. have fun.

  3. Sinar KK

    Good !!!

  4. LoneStar

    oh congrats! I always buy individual parts and assemble them by myself, but I’m too old fashioned 😀

  5. alienbob

    LoneStar I used to do that too but my eyesight has deteriorated so nowadays I prefer to let the professionals put it all together.

  6. Victor

    Enjoy! XD

  7. Brian

    Nice cardboard box. Hope what’s inside meets expectations.

  8. kramer

    What’s the hardware spec for this? I wonder how would you set it up. Very interesting.

  9. alienbob

    Hi Kramer
    These are the components:

    AMD Ryzen 7 1700 3.00GHz 16MB AM4 Box
    Asus ATX Motherboard Prime B350-Plus
    be quiet Midi Tower Silent Base 800 ATX
    Corsair 4x16GB, DDR4, 3000MHz, CL15, Vengeance LPX
    Samsung SSD 960 EVO M.2, 500GB, NVMe
    Scythe Processor Cooler Mugen 5 PCGH Edition AMD & Intel
    Seasonic PSU Focus Plus Gold 650W, Modular
    WD Harddisk 3.5″ Red WD40EFRX 4TB

    And all of that assembled by the company ‘4launch’ where I ordered it.
    Yesterday I had time to hook up the box and see what it can do. Slackware 14.2 did not run on this out of the box, it needed a newer kernel to get a network connection. So I used the one from Slackware-current.
    I will write a separate post on how I got Slackware installed and running on this hardware. For now, I have one “benchmark” result, which is the compilation time for the 4.9.44 generic kernel plus its modules: it takes 7.5 minutes using 15 cores!
    I ran the compile twice, on a freshly unpacked tarball, to be sure that there were no hidden caches. The Ryzen CPU did not buckle or crash, despite the stories on Phoronix about instabilities on Linux with many parallel jobs.
    The only instability I experienced is probably the combination of a graphical session (Slackware Live) using the nouveau driver, and with Chromium running – the computer came to a dead halt several times.

    I will write yet another post (sometime later) about how I setup the computer as a build server.

  10. sdns575

    What was your last config. How is perf gaining?

  11. alienbob

    Like I already said in the previous blog post, my current build server which also runs all the LAN services for my family (mail/file/print/opds server and more) is based on a AMD Athlon II X4 640 CPU with 8 GB of RAM. The new server is definitely a lot faster. I never built a kernel on the old server so I don’t really have a comparison, but I will compile a new chromium package on both and see what the speed difference is.

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