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Multilib updates to go with new kernel

Hi folks!

Slackware -current’s kernel has been updated to (something many of you probably did not expect) as part of the large update leading to the first release candidate for Slackware 13.37.

This newer kernel seems to work better on all the developers’ computers especially for X sessions.Also speakup (a kernel driver for speech synthesizers) is now part of the kernel since 2.6.37, which means that a separate kernel containing a speakup patch could be dropped from the installer.

Anyway, as part of the kernel update, Pat Volkerding rebuilt the glibc packages against the new kernel headers.

Those of you who run a multilib-enhanced version of Slackware64 know what that means… I have updated my own multilib repository with rebuilt glibc-2.13 packages. This is not an urgent or mandatory upgrade for you, as the previous version of the multilib glibc packages will probably work fine. But for compiling new software that wants to use the kernel api you’d want to go with the rebuilt versions.

Get the new glibc packages at as usual.

As a bonus, I have also updated my script which is part of the compat32-tools package in the same directory. Several packages have been added for the benefit of compiling and running wine. Please tell me if more packages have to be added to that script!

I also updated the content of the slackware64-compat32 directory which holds a copy of all the packages which are created by running the script (to make it easier for you if you have your doubts about how to use that script).



  1. Christopher Reimer

    Hi alien,

    in slackware-current are configs for newer kernels, but why is the autogroup scheduling feature (CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP) not activated?


    Christopher Reimer

  2. alienbob


    The kernel configuration files for both and 2.6.39-rc2 do have “CONFIG_SCHED_AUTOGROUP” enabled at this moment in time. I have no idea if that was different at the time you posted this.


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